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Created by Steven and Michael Pignataro ( also known as the Mirror Images) in collaboration with Justin Holbrook and Peter Loughran. Steven, Michael and Justin approached Peter with a clever new way of producing an open bottle of wine at any time during your show. The effect had been used in the Mirror Images' live stage show. Peter then took the idea, refined the design, added his own additions and handlings to the effect and began manufacturing the special apparatus through his company Master of Illusions Entertainment. The result is an easy, clean and visual production of an open wine bottle from seemingly thin air, that looks like REAL MAGIC!

Sample Effect 1- The performer introduces a small piece of tissue paper and draws a picture of a bottle on to it with a marker. The paper is now lit on fire, and suddenly a real full size 750 ml glass bottle of wine begins to materialize from the neck down, until the entire bottle has appeared! It looks like REAL MAGIC or a HOLLYWOOD SPECIAL EFFECT!

Sample Effect 2
The performer introduces a wine glass with a silk filling the inside of the glass, proving that nothing can be hidden inside the silk. His jacket, vest or over shirt is shown empty, and his sleeves are rolled up. The silk is removed and shown empty, the silk is gathered up and a real full size 750 ml glass bottle of wine instantly appears!

What is "A Touch of Glass"
You receive a complete and clever wine bottle production system, that is simple, easy to use, easy to set up or reset, that allows you to perform an elegant and visual production of a REAL and OPEN bottle of wine (or other bottle varieties).

The system is comprised of several special components that make up the production apparatus, and allows you to set it up different ways for different effects and productions. All you will need is some very basic practice and a jacket, vest or over shirt to conceal the special system. The system has built in safety features, and even has an 'Anti-Flashing' system so there there is no fear of the bottle making a pre-mature appearance before the magic is supposed to happen while you are performing other effects.

The system has the ability to deliver the bottle to you in several different ways that allow you to use this with many different types of productions, whether you are producing the bottle from an empty newspaper, silk or visually from a ball of fire. In addition the bottle can be produced lightning fast from the ball of fire, or by using Peter's unique handling, you can make the bottle appear slowly as seen in the demo video starting form the neck down, materializing itself visually from top to bottom making it look like REAL MAGIC, or something you would see in a Harry Potter movie.

- A Touch of Glass, can be performed completely surrounded.
- Features an Anti-Flashing system so there is no fear of the bottle being seen prematurely while performing other effects.
- Works with a variety of bottles other than wine bottles, such as pop bottles, liquor bottles, beer bottles, Champaign bottles, etc.
- The bottle is open and contains actual liquid ready to be poured.
- The system keeps the bottle "locked" until needed, preventing spillage and it is "locked" comfortably while you perform other effects.
- You end clean with nothing to ditch or get rid of.
- No sleeves required.
- The inside of your jacket can be shown empty prior to the production, which has fooled some of the most knowledgeable magicians.
- Great for stage, celebrations, restaurants, or produce a pop bottle at your next birthday party show.

A Touch of Glass comes with the special bottle production apparatus, and instructions. Supply your own silks or flash paper.

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