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Main Effect:
ACCUMULATION: The performer explains how articles and belongings are lost everyday around the world. He asks the audience if they have ever wondered where those things may eventually end up. The performer displays a beautiful and modern cabinet resting on a thin table. The box is opened up and shown empty. The front Plexiglas window allows them to see into the illusion at all times. The performer reaches into the cabinet and begins to produce imaginary or invisible objects from the cabinet. The audience can see the performer's hand reach in from the side and grab onto something, and as the performer pulls their hand from out of the cabinet, the object has suddenly become a reality and is now in the performers hand in its true form. The performer produces a wide variety of objects that seem to have been lost by a woman and her small child, like such things as toys, a lady's purse and hat etc, then the performer reaches in and produces the woman from the cabinet, apparently pulling her from the depths of another dimension. For the finale the performer spins the cabinet around, and now seen inside the box and through the window is a small child filling the inside of the cabinet. The front and back doors are lowered revealing nothing but the child and an empty box.

Variation Effects Listed Below:
Sample Effect 2
The performer tells his audience that he is often asked what happens to all of the lost articles retrieved after a show. He tells the audience that they use a unique and magical lost and found cabinet to store the items, which they take back to their warehouse after each tour and empty it out. He explains he will show them what he means. The performer produces a variety of objects, ending with the production of a girl.

Sample Effect 3
SOMETHING BIGGER ( A routine inspired by Steve Brooks): The performer displays the cabinet and tells his spectators that he will now produce a big object from the box. He reaches in and produces a playing card. The audience is un-impressed with this feat, so the performer apologizes and tells them this time it really will be bigger. He reaches inside the cabinet and produces a jumbo card of the same number and suit. The audience finds the humor in the performers antics, but begs and screams for something bigger! The performer then starts pulling out a wide variety of objects, each one getting bigger than the next, until eventually he produces a girl.

Sample Effect 4
LIFE CYCLE (A routine inspired by Scott Emo): The performer introduces a small child's doll and displays the doll inside the cabinet, but when he pulls it back out it has changed into a bigger doll. He then places the bigger doll inside the box and when he pulls this out, it becomes a real girl.

Sample Effect 5
DINNER FOR 2: The performer explains that he is late for a date, and begins to produce a red and white checkered picnic blanket, and lays it out on the floor. Next he produces a picnic basket, then some fruit, then a bottle of wine and 2 wine glasses. Finally he produces his female assistant from the box (his date)!

-This is a beautifully built illusion with a massive variety of possible routines, only limited by your imagination!
-Accumulator packs flat and can even fit inside the trunk of a small sedan when not in the ATA case.
-Requires only a few minutes to set up.
-Can be performed surrounded.
-Accumulator requires no special lighting or special staging. It is completely self contained.
-Very deceptive even at close range. -Large load capacity allowing you to produce multiple objects, assistants, and even animals.

Pictures above showcase our custom durable laminate finish.
Choose from a wide range of custom laminate finishes. Durable laminate will virtually make your finish indestructible.
This particular Accumulator with custom laminate finish was built for Illusionist Luca Volpe.

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Custom built ATA case pictured above.

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