Q: How angle friendly is ANYTHING FLOATS?
A: ANYTHING FLOATS is very angle friendly as long as it is performed with your audience in front of you. You cannot perform this illusion surrounded.

Q: How hard is it to learn?
A: Its easy, and you will be floating stuff in front of the mirror minutes after you open the package, and it's so much fun walking around your house experimenting with different objects to float.

Q: How long does it take to set up?
A: It takes about a 1 minute to set up, and then it is ready to go all day, over and over again.

Q: Do I need special clothing?
A: The system can be set up in different ways to suit your specific clothing preferences, you may also perform the illusion in short sleeves.

Q: Is it comfortable to have with you?
A: One of the great features of this illusion is that there is more than one way to set it up and you can create different floating effects because of this, depending on your personal preferences, and yes with most floating applications it will go unnoticed, and you won't even know you have it with you.

Q: Does it use threads, magnets or reels?
A: No it does not, it uses a much different concept.

Q: Is there a weight limit to the items I can float?
A: Yes there is, however it has the ability to float much heavier, and much larger objects than traditional methods (like invisible thread), such as items like, cell phones, books, full decks of cards etc, packs of cigarettes etc.

Q: Can I do this on stage?
A: ANYTHING FLOATS works fabulous on stage, and works equally well in more close up situations.

Q: Is there lighting restrictions?
A: No, this can be done in any lighting conditions.

Q: Do I need to do anything to the object before I make it float?
A: No, there is nothing to do to the object, and it may also be handed back out immediately after it floats, for examination, and the spectators will find nothing.

Q: Can I do this outdoors?
A: Unlike invisible thread, yes you can perform ANYTHING FLOATS outside without the worry of wind affecting the object while it remains floating. It is equally effective inside or out. A great mini levitation you could perform outside at your next BBQ, Birthday party, street corner, or perhaps on stage at your next outdoor show at local County Fair.