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Effect: The Black Hole effect allows you to control, produce, vanish, steal, conceal, and change heavy and large objects at your fingertips. Produce a small tray with a bottle of wine and a full wine glass, visibly throw a large object into the air only for it to change into a silk and/or confetti in mid-air, steal and conceal dozens of coins, vanish full cans of soda, produce cutlery for an entire table, manipulate large and heavy objects that seem to come and go from nowhere. So many effects are possible with this deceptively simple gimmick. Requires no pulls, no black art and can be done in short sleeves! Geared for the street performer, this is the perfect utility device for not only the close up worker but also perfect for the stage performer. Your imagination is the only limit you have!

Take your act to the professional level! Peter Loughran's Black Hole doesn't necessarily have to be a trick by itself either, but rather a compliment to a series of effects making for a smooth and professional act.

"Hi Peter,
I just wanted to drop you a quick note and tell you how I incorporated your black hole gimmicks into my routine. My dove competition uses a variety of steals. Using a little creative ingenuity, I am now able to perform a steal that previously was impossible! The dove is now flawlessly delivered into my hand without tugging, pulling or arm movement. Add in the misdirection and the "offbeat steal", this production is truly (IMHO) a stunner! What a pleasure to add this item into a competition routine, So.....just wanted to write you and say Thank You! The concept is brilliant...the use is only limited by your imagination!!!

I wish you great success!"

- Tony Dowell

Remember the Black Hole gimmicks use no black art, no pulls, and can be accomplished in short sleeves. Perform these amazing effects in broad day light! Virtually no set up time, and ready to go at all times, these special gimmicks are very durable and made to last a lifetime. 2 gimmicks are supplied so you can manipulate multiple objects at once as seen in the demo video.

The package includes 2 Black Hole gimmicks, accessories, and instructions.

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