"The Blaster box worked great in Australia and made it through 50 shows !!! Great prop. If I can ever help you with a refernce please feel free to ask me. Great service and great prop from a great person! Thanks again."
Always escaping,
Dean Gunnarson

"Hi Peter, Got the Blaster Box today...Awesome, thanks so much!"
Roslyn Walker

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Sample Effect 01:
The performer Introduces a straight jacket or other escape device and a small explosive. The explosive is clipped onto the performer with the timer set they only have 2 minutes to escape before the small explosive device detonates and severely injures or even kills the performer. The performer escapes just in time only to remove the small explosive device and dispose of it inside a small demolitions box similar to those used by bomb squads to contain explosive blasts. The explosive is tossed inside of the Box and a huge Bang is heard, the lid is blown apart on the top, flames emit form the holes all around the box and the Danger sign is blown off, as smoke emits from the smoldering box, all proving that the explosive was real and he just narrowly escaped death.

Sample Effect 02:
The performer borrows an article of clothing such as a ball cap or a man's tie and inserts it inside the Blaster Box, a small explosive device is introduced and tossed inside with it, the explosive detonates and the box is blown open to instantly reveal the ball cap or borrowed tie destroyed and mangled by the blast. The borrowed article of clothing then reappears in an impossible location. Borrowed objects to blast are limited only by your imagination!

Blaster Box has lots of performance possibilities and offers lots of action and visuals for your spectators!


Blaster Box was originally designed and performed by Peter Loughran back in the early 1990's. Peter used a much less extravagant Blaster Box, but has since now re-built and re-designed his original prop into a truly professional, action packed and visually eye catching prop.

Check out the photos below of a young Peter Loughran performing his original Blaster Box / Straight Jacket escape on television back in 1996.

The prop can be used as an instant visual change box or used in a wizkote style effect with great comedic possibilities! Turn a simple escape routine into an intensifying stunt or use this as a wonderful comedic prop, the choice is yours!

Blaster Box can also be detonated without the sign falling off , while the top of the box will still blow apart for a different effect.

Blaster Box works off standard 120 AC power, and is completely safe and under the performer's control at all times. Please note that customers with alternative power types other than standard 120 AC, may be required to purchase an inexpensive voltage converter from your local hardware store to operate the product.

The amount of flash and smoke is completely up to the performer's discretion, and you can perform Blaster Box without smoke if performing in smaller indoor venues such as a children's Birthday party. Blaster Box is easy to travel with, simple to use, looks absolutely gorgeous, and is built with high quality materials with professionals in mind.

-Loud Bang
-Lid Blows Apart
-Front Blows Out Danger Sign

Each Feature is optional during actual performance, you decide which animations to use and they are all safe and under your control. This prop also only requires about 2 minutes to set up.

Blaster Box comes complete with instructions, and fake imitation explosive with working timer. Please note that due the nature of this effect, the fake explosive device ships unassembled for international custom purposes and requires basic assembly. Supply your own flash paper or smoke powder.

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