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Master of Illusions Entertainment is the manufacturer of this illusion only. To order Jason Palter's Board Out of My Mind, please visit and order direct from Jason Palter and Paltergeist Unlimited.


When Jason Palter approached us with a unique and clever concept for this illusion we were delighted and proud to be the technical designer and manufacturer of this incredible Idea! Jason Palter's Board out of my Mind is nothing short of being simply clever and baffling! Great Job Jason!

Effect: Jason Palter's Board Out of My Mind will allow you to have literally any message appear on a 24x24 inch magnetic board, using the type of plastic magnetic letters that are found on most family fridges around the world. Incredibly, the letters visually move and come together from a random arrangement, and assemble into a readable position. This happens in a ghostly and eerie fashion-as though a wizard himself was guiding the movement. After a few minor adjustments with your hand, the message then becomes clear!

The presentation ideas for Board Out of My Mind are endless: Reveal a chosen card, congratulate the bride and groom, wish a child Happy Birthday, thank the company that hired you, welcome a new VIP, ask someone to marry you, predict an event, and so on. In one presentation that is very sťance-like, you can first show the letters scrambled, cover the board with a silk and call upon the "spirits" to give their thoughts. Then when the silk is removed, all of the letters will be seen to have come together to form the message. However Jason's favorite method is to simply have the letters visually move and assemble as the audience watches; it looks so magical! You can hold the board in your hands during the animation, have your assistant hold it, or use the supplied base and place the board on top of your table while the letters move.

Board Out of My Mind is completely self-contained, is controlled by the performer, and does not use any form of electronic remote control to animate the letters. Manufactured exclusively by Master of Illusions Entertainment for Jason Palter's Paltergeist Unlimited, each one is built to last. You can have anything spelled out for the climax of the trick, provided the message is no longer than 20 characters (a maximum of 10 in two different groups). If you have magnetic letters that are in a different language other than English, you can use even those instead.

Comes complete with custom-made 24x24 inch board, English magnetic letters, table-top stand, and instructional/performance DVD.

USD $1350.00
* Custom Case is USD $225.00 USD
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