"Wow! What can I say...an amazing and truly baffling effect! Well done Peter, your trick manages to create a reaction that most magicians could only dream of achieving, when doing magic with 'every day objects'. Can't wait for your next creation!
Steve Dela - 'UK Junior Close Up Magic Champion' Creator of 'The Long Card on a Pole'

"Peter's Bottle Twister is my kind of magic. Creating a totally insane magic moment with an ordinary object...and I guarantee they'll have NEVER seen anything like it."
Nathan Kranzo-World Famous close up magician

"If you really had the magical power to twist glass bottles then Peter Loughran's Bottle Twister is what it would look like, luckily for us Peter has created a way for us all to accomplish this effect without the aid of super human powers-AMAZING!"

The Magic Cafe gives Bottle Twister 4.5 stars out of 5
Steve Brooks