"Dear Peter, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and Shawn for all of the effort and hard work on the "Vertical Shadow Box". I really appreciate the time you took with me. Shawn is a force not to be challenged, if you catch my drift. His design and construction of a full-sized illusion that breaks down into pieces and yet remains stable when assembled was brilliant, and the prop of coarse looks fantastic. You obviously take pride in what comes out of your shop, and that is refreshing in this day and age. I will be proud to use my Vertical Shadow Box for years to come! Again thank you for coming together at the last moment to build this illusion for me."
- Jason Palter // President // Mystivate Inc.

"....My Phantasm Portable Pro III arrived today! Thank You so much for all your help and quickness in which it arrived. The props and the case are great, and I cannot wait to put this into my show for my upcoming fair season. This is truly an effect geared for the working professional, and has just so many performing possibilities! Once again thank you..."
- John Shaw

"Peter, I just got back to San Antonio at 7:30 pm today, I saw my custom built Garrote Illusion and must say... F%#KING AWESOME!! The most unbelievable attention to detail I have seen in a LONG time! Thank you for bringing back originality to magic."
- Philip Chancellor // 5150 Productions

"I highly recommend anyone who is looking to have their idea's brought to life to visit Master of Illusions. Their expertise and attention to detail will ensure your work will be of the highest caliber. Thanks again for all of your help, my audiences love the illusion you built."
- Jason Chessar

"Peter, Once again you have designed a VERY STRIKING Illusion. The photos clearly show the Quality and hard work that goes into each and every Illusion that I have seen produced by your company. If I were back in my younger days when I pranced around the stage stuffing cute gals into tiny little boxes, I would have chosen your company to build my Illusions. "
- Chance Wolf // Wolf's Magic

"....I just received my new Phantasm Portable Pro 3 and just had to comment on this product. What an unbelievable piece of art! Although the effect itself is amazing and leads to so many presentation possibilities I'm just as impressed by the quality of the workmanship and the creativity that went into it. Loughran and Bogunia have done it again and designed this for the working/traveling professional. This "miracle" packs down, travels safely and looks as ungimmick-ed as anything could be....Thanks Peter!"
- Timothy Drake

"....Hi Peter, I received my "super prop" yesterday, and I'm very very impressed by the quality of everything and I've got the impression that I own something very special! The thinking process that you went through for this illusion amazes me. It is so well thought out!!!! Sturdy, practical, an incredible fooler, easy to carry, infinite routine possibilities..... and the list goes on. I can't wait to put this into my show. This is not the last thing I will buy from you my friend. You gave me the best customer service I have ever received from any magic dealer/maker..."
- Jack Poulin