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Master of Illusions Entertainment, has created some of the most unique new illusions that are being marketed today.

Peter designs and invents the ideas, collaborating with illusion builder Shawn Larocque, bringing Peter's unique creations to life. In addition to own creations, we can help create, and build a custom illusion for your show!

Our facility consists of a 750 square foot studio, and a 1300 square foot workshop which are located in hidden and remote locations somewhere in Southern Ontario Canada. Our workshop is not open to the public to insure that all secrets and current projects stay 100% confidential. We use nothing but the finest equipment to produce our illusions and products most of which are all manufactured in house to allow us to make sure quality control standards are nothing but the best.

With our facilities we are able to produce some the finest illusions currently being built today. Our quality of both materials and workmanship is nothing less than the best. In most cases our illusions are streamlined and tricked out in highly polished aluminum for both deceptive and cosmetic reason, creating beautifully constructed props, that break down for transportation, that are built with touring in mind. As well as offering our unique original illusions and creating custom built illusions, we can also build most standard illusions, including the Sub Trunk, Zig Zag Lady, Temple of Benares, Cane Cabinet, Walking thru a Mirror, Head Choppers, Crystal Casket and many more. Remember we can also help you design and create your next new original illusion, and bring your ideas to life. We offer custom, original, and standard illusions. If you have a project that needs to be designed and built, we are the company for you.

Custom Built Ideas/Illusions
The illusions and props below are examples of custom ideas or specific props clients have approached us with that we have built with the design, appearance, and practicality, catering to their specific needs.

Custom Built Asrah Style Stone Bench Vanish

Custom Built Brick Arch Way Flash Appearance

Custom Built Suspension for Derek Sellinger, as seen performed at the IBM/SAM Convention 2008

Circus Themed Vertical Shadow Box built for the musical show "Quartteto Gelato"

Custom Dekolta Chair built for the musical show "Quartteto Gelato"

Custom Stunt Towers Prop built for the musical show "Quartteto Gelato"

Watch Quartetto Gelato perform our illusions on the short Bravo film called "Boarder Crossing":

Watch Quartetto Gelato perform our illusions on the TV show Live On Stage:

Lucas Wilson Custom Mirror Illusion

Appearing Tuba and Trumpet table built for Derek Sellinger

Custom Crate Illusion Built for Christopher James at the Branson Showboat Theater

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