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Sample Effect 1:
The performer invites a child from the audience to assist them with an illusion. The performer shows a picture of a Rabbit with the word “Rabbit” written above the picture (or any small animal), a beautiful, sleek and modern box is shown, spun around and the front door is opened showing that it is completely empty. The performer and the volunteer take turns waving their hand inside the empty box, proving it really is empty. The picture of the rabbit is placed inside by the child. The door is closed but the audience can still see in the box through the front window of the door at all times. The performer asks the child to make a magical gesture towards the box and say the magic words, and then the magic happens. Suddenly a flash of fire bursts inside the box and BAM, a real rabbit visually appears on top of the picture! The door is opened, the rabbit is taken out, and now the paper is shown, but the picture of the rabbit is now missing, and only the word “Rabbit” is left on the paper!


Sample Effect 2:
A small plush animal toy such as a rat (or any small animal) is placed inside the box and it is seen in full view at all times even when the door is closed through the opening of the front window. On the performer’s command there is flash of fire inside the box and the toy visually changes to real furry rat. The door is opened and the rat removed for a thunderous applause

Sample Effect 3:
A rabbit or another small animal is introduced and the performer explains to the audience that the animal is an expert at time travel. The rabbit is vanished (via your favorite method) and then instantly re-appears in a flash of fire inside the flash box as if beamed back to earth but with a small memento or animal costume from the past for a hilarious ending (two rabbits required).

Sample Effect 4: Anything your imagination can think up!


  • The electronic Flash box is beautifully built, finished in an eye catching purple and tricked out in polished aluminum.
  • It has a sleek and edgy look for the modern performer! No dragons or lanterns painted on this beauty.
  • It has a front grill made of 3 chains in a abstract pattern, and the flash is controlled by a single tiny ignition button of the back of the prop.
  • The Electronic Flash box is so deceptive it can be performed as close as a foot or two away from your spectators.
  • It looks beautiful on stage but is equally as effective in a living room. Use it in a faced pace illusion show, on stage at a club, or at your next Birthday Party show.
  • The box can transform any small object into a real live animal in a flash of fire!
  • Most black art change boxes use a gimmick that is midway through the box, but in this new design, the performer can reach to the back of the box before and after the production making it look that much more impossible
  • The flash is self contained and uses standard flash cotton or flash paper.
  • The Electronic Flash Box is so easy it can be learned in about 2 minutes. Load the animal, press a button and watch magic happen!
  • The illusion operates on just 2 AA batteries.
  • The box starts with a floor and ends with a floor

Electronic Flash Box comes with Flash Box, and instructions.
Supply your own table base/stand, flash products, animals/props.

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