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James Wiggs & Scott Emo’s Fenced In Illusion

Instructions now include a "How To" guide on doing 'Chained In', a new version of the illusion using solid metal chains, see the video on the left. There is also no added cost for the instructions upgrade.

Peter Lougrhan is proud to present a brand new illusion from the creative minds of James Wiggs and Scott Emo called Fenced In! There have been many ‘Walkthrough” illusions in the history of magic, but never one as baffling and impossible as this! You won’t believe your eyes.

Effect: The performer introduces 2 assistants that are each holding a solid staff with a series of bungee cords fastened between them. When pulled apart they make a fence or barrier that would be impossible for the performer to pass through. The performer stands behind this barrier, pulls up a cloth in front of him briefly and then lowers it showing he has melted from one side of the bungee cords to the other, giving new meaning to phrase ‘Bungee Jumper’! You have to see it to believe it!

This can be done in a living room or on the biggest stage, and uses NO FAKE HANDS, or third hand gimmicks! This method is so clever it fools magicians too! It can be learned in minutes, and while your assistants will know how the secret of this baffling illusion works, if you don’t use assistants then you can easily show any two people, at any show, in just a few minutes to help you with the illusion. It packs small, yet plays like a large stage illusion at a fraction of the price. It is built to last you forever and will baffle any audience guaranteed!

-Packs small
-Plays big
-New original method
-Easy to do
-learn it in minutes
-Very affordable
-Impossible and Baffling

James Wiggs and Scott Emo’s Fenced In Illusion comes complete with everything ready to go out of the package including the Fenced In barrier shafts with bungee cords, professionally made illusion drape with rod, and instructions. Girls not included (sorry fellas).

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