Q: Is the unit hard to program?
A: No, the unit is very very simple to program and only takes a few minutes of your time for each routine, and is done right on the unit itself with no other devices, hardware, computers, or software. Nothing is needed but the box prop itself.

Q: Can the box fall off the table or surface on which is performing on?
A: No, the unit is designed so that it will stop moving when it gets near an edge of a surface, yet all other animations will continue to function as normal.

Q: Will this work on all surfaces?
A: The unit will work on any flat surface, such as a table, chair, stool, the floor, it even works on such things as carpet. Other than water or other non solid surfaces, you are ready to go.

Q: How durable is the box/prop?
A: The cardboard box fiber is made of industrial packing grade and is very durable. Also these boxes are custom made by us, and the sides are reinforced and glued together using a very strong and thick adhesive, complimenting the strength. The box is durable, and as long as you are treating it normally it should outlast any performer's career. If in the unlikely event the box is damaged, the electronics are easily ported to a new box.

Q: Is there any kind of warranty?
A: All of our products come with a 30 day warranty on all parts and labor and we pay the shipping of the prop back to you at no charge. However if in the unlikely event you encounter a problem after your warranty is up, please contact us and in most cases we can do repairs for you for minimal cost if any at all, but please note you would be responsible for the cost of the shipping the product back to you.

Q: Can I use other props instead of cards or a sharpie etc.?
A: Absolutely yes you can! The unit is designed so that other objects can be used instead of just what you saw in the demo video, we are also working on releasing an accessory kit for this product which will contain different props, sight gags, and partial side routines to use with your Gremlins.

Q: What ages is this appropriate for?
A: All ages. Our 10 yrs and up statement on the graphic, is only there to resemble an authentic ad from the 1905's comic books.

Q: Can I have more than one program?
A: Yes the unit can store up to two(2) separate programs. This is especially convenient when doing multiple shows for the same audience. And because the routines and objects animating can be changed over and over again, this prop is great for repeat bookings without ever having to invest in a new illusion. The Gremlins can make another appearance but have been taught new tricks! "What will the Gremlin's do this year?"

Q: What happens if I get behind in my timing or a difficult volunteer causes a delay?
A: The unit is designed with a "Pause" feature so all you have to do to pause the routine is hit the button on the tiny key chain remote inside your pocket, and the program will freeze in its tracks, allowing you to catch up. When you are ready to continue you simply hit the button once more. The prop has been built so it is almost impossible for anyone to mess up, as the ad says, if you can do a force and push a button you can perform this illusion.