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Peter Loughran's Beside Yourself -A 2 Dimensional Drawing Becomes Reality. How would you like to do a 21st century sawing in half illusion without having to use assistants or boxes? Well now you can. Introducing Peter Loughran's Beside Yourself, an out in the open new generation sawing in half illusion that uses not assistants, and no boxes!

EFFECT: The performer displays a colorful black and purple upright easel displaying an interesting white drawing board. The performer proceeds to draw what appears to be the mid section of the performer himself on the right side of the drawing board. They outline the figure in black and then color the shirt and pants to match their own clothes perfectly. The performer now draws a knife in the center of the drawing board. The drawing board is now taken off of the easel and shown freely. The performer steps behind the drawing board matching his own body up with the drawing he made a few moments ago. His legs and upper body can be seen. He then pulls a curtain across the bottom of the drawing board that momentarily covers his legs. Suddenly the performer slides the top half of the drawing across to the other side of the drawing board passing over the picture of the knife. The performer now slides the top half of his own body over to the other side, apparently cutting himself in half. As the audience is screaming for him to open the curtain, he does just that. Shockingly the legs remain on the other side, while his severed body remains on the opposite side of the drawing board severed from his legs and eerily floating in mid air. It incredible! The drawing board is moved up and down slightly to show that what the audience is seeing must be real. The curtain is closed. The performer and the top half of the drawing, slide back to their original positions. The curtain is opened and the performer is once again in one piece.

Please note that the pictures have not been altered in anyway, they have only been cropped and layered onto the ad copy. You have to see the video to believe this incredible new illusion. Beside Yourself requires no assistants, no special lighting and no boxes! This is a one man illusion that disassembles, packs flat, sets up in 5 minutes, and can fit in the back of the average car with room to spare. Although this illusion cannot be done surrounded it can be performed without a stage and as close as a couple of feet away from your spectators.

The entire illusion is self-contained, easy to do, and uses no electronics. It is operated by a single switch, using precise mechanics, that allow your hands to remain in full view and in front of the drawing board the entire time. Only your right thumb needs to go over and behind the illusion to operate the switch, making this illusion look like real magic. The entire illusion is wonderfully built, and the Easel is tricked out in polished aluminum, giving the prop a professional and streamlined look. An illusion you will be proud to own and perform.
Beside Yourself comes complete with Specially manufactured Drawing Board and Deceptive Easel, Special Dry Erase markers in multiple colors, Special Eraser, Instructions, Performance Rights, and comes shipped in a custom wooden crate which is shown below.


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