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The performer opens a brand new case of beer & pulls out one of the unopened tall-neck bottles. The bottle looks completely normal in every way. The performer then proceeds to twist the bottle a quarter turn, thus miraculously distorting the actual glass & label themselves. That's right -- your audience actually SEES the bottle AND label twisting simultaneously! The bottle is then immediately handed out for complete and thorough examination in its new twisted state -- the bottle is opened and its contents poured out into a glass ready to be served.

This is simply amazing! No word play here; Bottle Twister actually does what it says! Get this -- It can be done with almost any brand of beer, it resets in seconds, and the bottle is completely examinable after it has been twisted! There are no switches, and only one bottle is used! The bottle remains in full view from start to finish, and you can do the effect with a full or empty bottle of beer! Bottle Twister comes with specially manufactured apparatus and detailed instructional booklet outlining Peter's own routine!

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