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You may have seen a walking through a mirror illusion before but you have never seen one like this. Unlike other models Peter goes beyond the traditional methods, and has come up with a brand new idea that has become a truly clever and convincing dramatic piece of magic. While still providing quality craftsmanship, L2IllUSIONS is able to offer this new illusion at a very affordable price.

Effect: The performer brings out an approximately 50 inch square Plexiglas mirror to be inspected by a volunteer from the audience. Trust us, it is completely ungimmicked. The mirror is slid and locked in place in its frame which is just large enough to hold the mirror and is raised off the ground. A back light is switched on just behind the mirror and frame. A one sided curtain is placed in front of the frame and the mirror. The curtain is white so with the back light, the shadows of the frame and mirror are visible at all times.

It is impossible to move the mirror without detection. But in magic nothing is impossible. The performer now stands behind the mirror, and in a fluid fast or slow action the performer passes right through the mirror. The curtain drops to the floor immediately upon penetration showing that the mirror is still in place. The mirror can then be handed out once again for inspection. Comes complete with frame, Plexiglas mirror, curtain, and back light.

Some Features
* Travels Flat
* Easy and quick setup
* Light weight
* Plays big
* Penetration can be dramatically slow or lighting fast
* The perfect one man illusion

"Dear Peter,
"Peter, Once again you have Designed a VERY STRIKING Illusion. The photos Clearly show the Quality and hard work that goes into each and every Illusion that I have seen produced by your company. If I were back in my younger days when I pranced around the stage stuffing cute gals into tiny little boxes, I would have chosen your company to build my Illusions."
Chance Wolf -Wolf's Magic

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* Custom case USD $500.00 USD
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