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Effect: The performer displays a beautifully made mini illusion that resembles a small chest that is just large enough to hold a human arm. The illusion is nicely decorated and has a simple design on the front that realistically resembles the shape of the performer's arm.

An assistant comes to the aid of the performer and holds one end of the chest while the performer slowly and cleanly inserts their open arm into the box. The performer's arm goes all the way in until their hand is seen protruding out the opposite end of the chest wiggling and moving. The assistant's hands can also be seen moving and holding onto the box at all times, throughout the illusion.

On the performer's que, the illusion is pulled apart appearing to sever and fracture the arm into 5 separated sections!! It looks incredible, and your audience will gasp in shock! The hand is still moving and even holds onto a silk that is waved up and down to show that it is indeed the real thing, creating a very convincing illusion!

As quickly as the performer's arm was severed and fractured the chest is pushed back together restoring the arm. The performer removes their arm with the silk, and displays their arm fully restored and intact!

Fractured is beautifully constructed and each one is hand made with only the finest materials, with moving parts that will never need repair. The method is simple, and the clever gimmick is easily engaged. An illusion you will be proud to own.

Great for any act big or small, fractured is a great stand alone effect, but it can also be used along side other effects for example a chopper or a knife thru arm.

Fractured is a pack small/play big mini illusion that will slay your audience! Comes complete with it's very own custom built ATA road show case.

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