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Meltdown - the amazing visual melting miracle.
A spectator selects a card from a shuffled deck. Free choice. No force. Remove two cards from the card box and explain that these two cards have been treated with special chemicals that can "actually melt and dissolve other playing cards!"

Show all three cards on both sides. They appear to be regular Bicycle poker-size cards. Take the two "chemically treated" cards and place them face to face. Hold the packet sideways by the top and bottom edges. Now, insert the spectator's card between the other two, but only about 1/4 of the way. Show the packet back and front with the chosen card sticking out, proving that the chosen card is really trapped between the other two. Push the narrow end of the chosen card all the way through the wide side of the packet. Show the packet once again, back and front. The chosen card can be seen sticking out of both sides of the packet. Push the chosen card up and down between the "chemical cards" a couple of times. Then, pull the chosen card up so only its top half can be seen.

Rest the bottom wide edge of the packet on your palm. Push the card down into the packet, and the Meltdown begins! The chosen card goes in the top of the packet, but it doesn't seem to be coming out the bottom. It looks like the card is melting downward into your hand! The card goes in, but it doesn't come out! To prove that the chosen card has indeed melted, pull the two chemical cards apart and show that the chosen card has indeed dissolved and vanished! Show the cards back and front. There is no sign of the chosen card.

Now for the hard part, bringing the card back. Put the packet back together. Say the magic words. Pull the card from the top of the packet, and it reappears!! In the end, all cards are shown separately, back and front.

Meltdown uses a brand-new concept to accomplish the visual melting! The specially-made Meltdown gimmick does 90% of the work for you. No extra cards are used! Comes complete with everything needed to perform the illusion. Very easy to do.

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