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Imagine if you could borrow 3 random objects from the audience, seal them in a large Plexiglas cube isolated on a clear stand on a small table with nothing surrounding the cube except air, and have each object come alive one at a time on command.

Imagine if you could cause each object to dance, float, jump, and even levitate inside the cube without you ever being close to them.

Imagine if you could cause all 3 objects to come alive all at the same time, all doing different animations, all under your control.

Imagine if you could sit in the audience and experience the magic with them.

Imagine for your finale that you simply cover the cube with a large sheet printed with a ghostly image and watch as the cube itself begins to levitate wildly a few feet in the air and then suddenly crashes back down.

Now imagine the reaction of your audience as the covered table and cube suddenly roll off stage all by itself!

You no longer have to imagine! Peter Loughran's Poltergeist is now available creating the ultimate illusion in ghost manifestations.

* Use borrowed everyday items such as ties, pens, money, handkerchiefs, jewelry, cigarettes, etc.
* Can be performed surrounded.
* Packs flat for transportation.
* No lighting problems.
* Perform it just inches away without detection.
* No overhead rigging.
* Perform inside or out.
* Self contained.
* Light weight and plays big.
* Perfect for Magicians, Mentalists, and Illusionists.

Now built with a Plexiglas stand instead of the tubes for added deceptiveness and innocence.

Custom ATA casses

USD $1500.00
* Custom ATA Case: USD $350.00 USD
* Shipping not included
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