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If you are in the market for a shadow box, then look no further, this is the one!

Introducing Peter Loughran's Vertical Shadow Box, one of the most deceptive yet captivating illusions on the market! Performer rolls out a tall, slender cabinet and releases its front roller blind to show the entire interior empty with a light staff. Shutting closed the front, the cabinet is then rotated completely around, proving that it is indeed empty. The light staff is then inserted into the top of the cabinet, thus illuminating the cabinet's interior. The audience can clearly see shadows suddenly appearing, twisting and turning from within, until it finally takes on a human shape. Then all of the blinds are raised up on all four sides, and the audience is surprised to see the performer's assistant inside, appearing from the depths of another dimension!

Perfect for illusionists, stage show performers, and cruise ship performers, this is an instant reputation-maker that is sure to astound any audience. Peter has designed the entire unit to pack flat for ease of transport, making this an illusionist's dream come true! Additional freight charges must be incurred at time of order.

Watch Quartetto Gelato perform a Custom Shadow box we built for them on the short Bravo film called "Boarder Crossing" :

Watch Quartetto Gelato perform a Custom Shadow box we built for themon the TV show Live On Stage:

Some Features
* No gimmick base
* High quality roller blinds with lifetime warranty
* Packs flat for transportation
* Comes complete with Light staff
* Finished in polished aluminum

"Dear Peter,
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and Shawn for all of the effort and hard work on the "Vertical Shadow Box". I Really appreciate the time you took with me. Shawn is a force not to be challenged, if you catch my drift. His design and construction of a full-sized illusion that breaks down into pieces and yet remains stable when assembled was brilliant, and the prop of coarse looks fantastic. You obviously take pride in what comes out of your shop, and that is refreshing in this day and age. I will be proud to use my Vertical Shadow Box for years to come! Again thank you for coming together at the last moment to build this illusion for me."

Jason Palter
Mystivate Inc.

Comes complete with instructions, High quality roller blinds, and special Light Staff with removable lamp. A fantastic opening to produce yourself, assistant or even a CEO.

***Below Are Pictures Of Custom Built ATA Cases***

USD $3995.00
* 2 Custom Built ATA Cases: USD $850.00 USD
* Shipping not included
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