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The performer introduces a menacing looking contraption to the stage with a crank wheel attached on one side and a small side table on the other. The audience can see right through the open windows of the illusion and right through to the other side.

An assistant now enters the illusion from a door at the back. The legs can be seen in full view. The performer cranks the wheel clockwise on the side of the cabinet and their upper body begins to slowly twist around a full 360 degrees in full view. The assistant's upper body now slides over and rests magically on the side table.

Their body has now been twisted-off in half!!

Their upper body is magically slid back over top of their torso, where the performer now cranks the wheel counter clockwise as if magically screwing their body back together. The door opens and the assistant steps out in one piece and unharmed!


Important points
*No black art is used.
*Audience can see clear through the cabinet and between the assistant's legs.
*Twist your assistant 360 degrees, & as many times as you want.
*Absolutely no special lighting required-do it on stage or in broad daylight.
*There is no set up required
*Before each show-the illusion will be ready to go at all times.
*Twist Off can accommodate an average sized man or woman



Twist Off comes with custom built ATA case and instructions

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