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Peter Loughran has once again created another brilliant masterpiece. This is an exciting new addition to your Fantasio vanishing cane. With the specially made gimmick and our instructions you will be able to transform your vanishing cane into Peter Loughran's all new innovative Ultimate Cane. Peter has been amazing his audiences and showing his creative talents to fellow magicians alike with his Ultimate Cane routine in his 'Extreme Illusions of Fire' segment in his Master of Illusions Tour. Now you too will be able to perform this astounding effect that your audience will never forget that has been called one of the most beautiful effects in magic of our time.

"...A very ingenuous gimmick to perform a flaming, dancing, and vanishing cane. A strong effect! Congratulations!..." -FANTASIO-

Effect: The performer enters center stage with a flaming cane that resembles a long elegant torch. On command the cane begins to dance with the performer around the stage with no visible means of support. The flames are extinguished and the cane instantly vanishes changing into two 18 inch silks.

The quality and craftsmanship of the fire gimmick alone is superb, and specially designed with a heat repellant lining to prevent the cane from melting, complete with a special Fantasio Knob that will fit all of his quality vanishing canes.

You must be 18 years or older to purchase or perform this effect. Usage of this product is at the owner's own risk. We DO NOT accept any responsibility for misuse of this product resulting in damage or harm to persons or property, intentionally or accidentally.

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UC1 package- Shipping not included. Includes instructions and the specially made gimmick. Supply your own Fantasio vanishing cane and silks.

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