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Peter Loughran of Master of Illusions Entertainment and Sean Bogunia of Ultimate Magic Productions have teamed up and have been working diligently on creating the complete and ultimate professional sťance show ever devised for mobile applications!

2 years in the making, WitchBoard will soon be released to Magicians, Bizarrists, Sťance workers, Mentalists, Mediums, and the Haunted House Industry.

WitchBoard is a technological advancement in our art creating the ultimate sťance show. With WitchBoard you will be able to perform what appears to be an actual sťance show with incredible movie style special effects. The WitchBoard has been made to not only allow the performer to program the Planchette (mystical eye) to spell out exact words, names, and even complete sentences, moving eerily or violently around the board all by itself, but it has also been designed to answer yes and no questions. You will be able to customize your routines over and over again to suit your client's event. Just imagine having the Planchette spell out the names of actual people associated with your client's past, adding spine chilling details to your show!

But that's not all, WitchBoard will also control the lights in the room causing them to flicker on and off, or even shut off completely. It can also be used to manipulate other small electronic appliances such as a TV set. Imagine how startled your spectators will be when the lights flicker on and off and then the TV set suddenly comes on with nothing but snow on the screen and a loud static sound. Don't like that idea, then how about causing a blender to automatically switch on sending shivers across the room, or cause a radio to come on by itself playing an old song from the spirit's past, placing your spectators in a world of startling and realistic movie style special effects.

But wait there is more, at the end of the routine the spirits can become angry causing the entire WitchBoard itself to rock and shake violently. Imagine as the lights go out, a candle is lit by the performer away from the board and after being in the darkness for a few seconds, as the candle is lit, the Planchette is seen moving all by itself and spelling out an eerie word like, "help", or "murder", and then the board becomes animated and shaking violently as the Planchette now slides in a violent manner all over the board like something out of a horror movie, then the candle blows out and the lights come on, and the room is at peace once again as a finale to the performance. The possibilities are endless and you will be able to use our supplied routines or create you own.

Witchboard includes a professionally produced TV static loop special effect on DVD that contains a static snow effect with demonic voices, and ghostly images that will appear with in the static on your spectators' television set. In addition you will also receive a professionally produced radio special effect that will sound as if the spirit is actually over top of a radio in the room when it suddenly comes on switching through the channels and then finally stopping on song that is associated with the spirit's past or death.

The WitchBoard itself can be used under what appears to be test conditions allowing the apparatus to be checked for magnets, and threads etc, while your spectators will find nothing.

All this and more is possible with WitchBoard!

WitchBoard has been built for the future and will be able to also control other animation effects including Peter Loughran's Entity for example, as well as new special effects that will become available over time. The WitchBoard is operated by a single push button remote, and can be programmed to run the entire sťance show executing every special effect on perfect queue every single time. You will also have the ability to pause and un pause your program on the fly at any time. Best of all WitchBoard will allow you to store up to 2 entirely different programs for each special effect and it will allow you to switch to the second set of programs and back again on the fly. Keep one program for your regular performance and then set up a second program just for effects associated directly with your client such as names and sentences that can be custom programmed in right before the show, personalizing your show for your!

There are no computers, software or any additional hardware needed for programming. Your entire show is programmed with only the built in electronics of the WitchBoard and boasts an 'On Unit Programming' capability.

The programming is easy, can be learned in minutes, and so user friendly anyone can use it!

Witchboard will allow you to control up to 3 separate special effects outside of the actual Witchboard animations. So you will be able to control for instance the lights, a radio, and a TV set. But you don't have to use those specific objects you can use the mini special effects receivers to control just about any small appliance. And in time we will be making additional effects available and you will have the luxury of switching out your effects for different ones, giving you the flexibility to change your show at any time.

Best of all the entire WitchBoard show will set up in minutes, require no special lighting, and pack up flat in its own custom built ATA Case.

Forget about having to worry about elaborate set ups and multiple assistants, this is a one man operation, fully remote control, and does not require the performer to be anywhere near the WitchBoard itself as it animates and performs its stunning special effects. This will be perfect for those that want to start up their own sťance show for private parties, and equally effective while performed on stage in a theater.

We will also supply you with sample routines. marketing ideas, added ways to maximize your profits and show you additional products and souvenirs that you can sell to your clients after the night's events have taken place.

Its absolutely stunning and authentic in appearance, beautifully hand crafted with brass hardware, and perfectly antiqued making this a piece you will be proud to own and perform.

WitchBoard comes complete with the beautifully handcrafted antiqued WitchBoard, Technologically advanced built in electronic system, Battery Charger, 3 Mini Special Effects Receivers, Professionally produced TV Static Special effect on DVD, Professionally produced Radio Special Effect on CD, Routines and Marketing ideas, Custom Built ATA Case, Key Chain Pocket Remote, Instructional Video, 1 Year Warranty on parts and labour, and Performance Rights.

Approximate WitchBoard Dimensions:
W-25" x L-18" x H-3"(H with brass feet-4")
Approximate ATA Case Dimensions:
W-28" x L-21" x H-7"
Each WitchBoard is numbered for authenticity.

Please note that the Battery Charger, and Special effects receivers work off standard North American 120 voltage. Overseas customers using a different voltage or power supply will be required to purchase converters and or additional compatible components that run off of their specific voltage type. These compatible converters and or components may be purchased in these specific countries.

Your entire Sťance show will pack flat in the custom built ATA case seen above

The WitchBoard uses the most advanced and intelligent electronic system that has ever been used in a magic trick or illusion, that we know of!

EXCLUSIVE SHOP PHOTOS FINALLY REVEALED BELOW:The below shop photos were never supposed to be seen by the general public, but due to an overwhelming response form interested parties and requests for these exclusive photos, we decided to post these once exclusive photos for everyone to see but only for a temporary period of time. Please keep in mind that these photos were just shot in our shop in everyday lighting, un-staged, and will showcase and highlight the true beautify of the prop itself and its design under normal settings. It will enlighten your view to the true beauty and details that have been put into this prop. Each one is made by hand and goes through an intensive aging and antiquing process with precise detail. The inner workings are nothing short of quality and excellence.

These photos will not be around for long, so enjoy them while you can, the official release is soon approaching both with the official logo artwork, demo video( s), and pricing. If you would like to see more close up angles of these photos, simply copy them to your computer and open them up in your favorite digital photography program and you will be able to zoom in to check out the extreme quality and details of this aged and stunning prop!

Stay tuned!

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