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Peter Loughran has been amazing his audiences with The Zombie Coffin in his Master of Illusions Tour since 1997 and now L2ILLUSIONS have released this spectacular illusion to performers around the world. As like with all L2ILLUSIONS The Zombie Coffin is exposure protected.

THE ZOMBIE COFFIN EFFECT: This is an illusion that uses an original new idea, developed and designed by Peter Loughran, and fabricated by illusion builder Shawn Larocque. This illusion will turn a basic Zombie ball routine into an incredible grand illusion. The Zombie Coffin allows you to show a "Zombie Type" object freely absolutely nothing attached to it. You slowly place the object into the open front window of the illusion. The object never leaves the audience's sight, yet it will visibly levitate inside the coffin. Placing a beautiful liquid metal cloth foulard over the top opening of the illusion, you command the object to levitate completely up and out of the coffin, taking the foulard with it! At no time is the performer near the object or the foulard during the levitation. When the object reaches the height of the levitation out of the coffin it will remain suspended in mid-air with the foulard draped over it without any visible means of support. At this point with empty hands, the performer may now walk up and take hold of two corners of the foulard. A "Zombie Type Gimmick" will automatically be engaged undercover of the foulard, allowing you to walk away from the coffin with the floating object, and proceed with your usual Zombie moves and routines. For the finale The Zombie Coffin allows you to vanish the object and gimmick in an "Asrah" type of effect, that truly looks amazing and leaving you clean at the end of the performance.

- Comes complete.
- Packs flat for transportation.
- The inside of the Coffin is visible at all times
- No threads or strings
- No special overhead rigging.
- No special lighting needed


- A one man illusion, no assistants required.
- Completely self contained.
- Silent and smooth running.
- Levitation is always under your control.
- The illusion uses Peter's new E-System.
- Method is invisible and easy to operate

USD $2500.00
* Custom ATA Case: USD $500.00 USD
* Shipping not included
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