Magician Charmingchoi Perform the Micro Asrah on his Korean TV show
***UNITS STILL AVAILABLE*** Micro Electronic Asrah & Crystal Casket Combo

Peter Loughran has taken classic illusions and MICROSIZED them! In the first limited edition release in his new Micro Illusion Series, Peter brings you the Micro Electronic Asrah and Crystal Casket combo that is not only extremely collectable, but totally performable!

Each one is beautifully handmade, built like real illusions and WORK JUST LIKE THE LARGE CLASSIC VERSIONS of the illusions. THIS IS A LIMITED RELEASE! Only 20 will be built and sold. First come, first serve. Each one is numbered, and comes with a certificate of authenticity, making these an instant profitable investment for any magic collector!

Peter has also spent the time to actually come up with a unique routine for the combo illusions, making this very entertaining and magical to watch.

EFFECT:- A miniature stage is shown, complete with Mylar back drop, stage mat, miniature real working spot lights, and realistic aluminum overhead trussing. Your assistant is introduced (a Barbie doll). A borrowed finger ring is then given to her to hold on, so that you know there can never be more than one assistant (doll) used in the illusion. She is then put into a hypnotic trance and put to sleep down on top of a bed all tricked out in aluminum resembling a professional illusion prop. A beautiful liquid metal cloth is introduced and is draped over her body. Her body and shape can be seen at all times under the cloth. On the magicianís command she begins to float up and down and the bed is now removed. The doll again floats up and down at the magicianís every command. A empty glass box (miniature Crystal Casket illusion) is introduced and now set aside as the doll remains floating. At this point the magician can even lift up the cloth that is draped over the floating doll and show she is still there! Now solid metal hoop is introduced and passed over the floating doll proving there couldnít be any possible supports holding up the doll and the cloth. A second but larger cloth is introduced and placed over the empty glass box. The cloth over the floating doll is now whisked away and she vanishes in mid air! Now the cloth on the glass box is instantly removed and the doll and finger ring now magically re-appear. You take the doll out, hand the ring back, and the doll can now take a well deserved bow!

+Limited Release, only 20 will be built and sold.
+ Complete intelligent and programmable electronics control the Asrah floating rig, and allows you to perform the floating effects completely hands free and away from the miniature stage.
+ Battery operated so no wires or plugs etc will be seen or needed.
+ So deceptive this can be performed just a couple of feet away from your spectators with no visible means of support.
+ Crystal Casket features a one handed release allowing for the production of the doll to happen instantly and impossibly.
+ Packs flat and can set up in just 5 minutes.
+ Uses only 2 wing nuts and bolts to assemble, no tools required.
+ Stage stands well over 2 feet high, yet packs flat, and even the Crystal Casket comes apart for packing.
+ Each one is numbered and comes with certificate of authenticity.
+ Comes with absolutely everything including the Mylar stage with realistic trussing, Authentic Barbie Dolls, Crystal Casket, Casket cloth, Asrah bed, Asrah cloth, Asrah rigging and built in electronics, metal hoop, floor mat, real working miniature spot lights, certificate of authenticity and instructions.

USD $1500.00
* Shipping Not Included.
* Please allow 4 - 6 weeks turnaround time
* Note: Color of Mylar back drop, Casket cloth, Asrah cloth, and Barbie outfits may vary.
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