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Peter Loughran and Ray Noble have created something very special. Peter Loughran brought you the 'Elevator' levitation, and Ray Noble brought you 'On Thin Air' and now together with a combined new concept they are proud to bring you ONE.

So why another street levitation you ask, with so many other ones out there and all of them claiming to be the ultimate one? Why another one? Well this one is different.

No false claims, no fancy video cuts, no trick photography or any other kind of hype. What you see is what you get. The video demo showcases the product's real ability by showing the performances out in the open in complete shots with no staged cut-a-ways or fancy camera angles!

What makes this one so different?

Check this out, this is the most convincing and practical street levitation that we believe has ever been devised. With no funny moves, no bending down to set a gimmick, no mirrors, no hydraulics, no special pants, all you do is simply walk up to your spectators anywhere, any time, in broad day light, levitate, and walk away.

The remarkable part about this levitation that truly puts this in a class of its own is that the viewing angles with this product are incredible compared to other past self levitations. What if we told you, without using mirrors and without having to have your spectators stand at a very restricted viewing angle, that you instead just walk up levitate in full view, in broad day light, and the spectators whether they are 15 feet away or 150 feet away could watch you float up and see under your feet, and see through to the other side..wouldn't that be cool and something we have all been searching for. Well now you can perform a levitation that does just that.

Is it the Ultimate Levitation? Who knows?
Is it one of the most practical and convincing self levitations available? Well, since this has greatly improved upon most of the restrictions associated with other past levitations including our own, we think so but only you will decide if this is the ONE for you.

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