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Imagine if you combined Peter's Poltergeist illusion with his Relic of the Revenant illusion.what you would get is Phantasm.

Phantasm is a state of the art poltergeist activity simulator built big enough for the stage. Fully remote control and programmable you are able to levitate and animate up to 3 different borrowed objects at once inside the sealed Plexiglas box. You can perform Phantasm surrounded and with no assistants.

Remember that the Plexiglas box is sealed and isolated on a Plexiglas stand so that your audience can see under and all around the Plexiglas box while the borrowed objects levitate and animate inside the box with no visible means of support. The performer is nowhere near the objects, or the table while they are animating. This is a stunning effect. Phantasm requires no special lighting, no special backdrops, and no overhead stage rigging. Phantasm is completely self-contained.

With Phantasm you can animate one object at time, or two at time or all three at once, the choice is yours, and the effects are limited only by your imagination. Perform this as a sťance and invite the dead to show their presence, use in a dancing silk routine, or use it to demonstrate your telekinetic powers, the possibilities are endless.

With the help of Sean Bogunia who designed the microchips for Phantasm, you have an unbelievable electronic marvel that is fully remote control, programmable and under your control at all times. Use everyday borrowed objects, such as coins, jewelry, dollar bills, cigarettes, keys, handkerchiefs, sunglasses, soda cans, cutlery, pens, photographs, credit cards, and a million other items that you can think of. Packs small and plays big!

Remember these important points:
-No assistants
-No special Lighting
-No special backdrops
-No overhead stage rigging
-Fully programmable animation sequences
-Fully remote control
-Plexiglas stand and box are examinable
-Perform it inside or out
-Completely self-contained
-Perform it surrounded
-A perfect one-man illusion
-Packs down in its own custom built ATA case


Peter Loughran's Phantasm is built for the professional performer and includes:
Custom built ATA case, Phantasm table w/ built in electronics, Plexiglas box, Plexiglas stand, pocket remote, and detailed instructions with designer routines.
USD $2999.00
* Shipping Not Included.
* Phantasm is built on order, so please allow 2-4 weeks for completion
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