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Finally a portable animation system that can be used with almost any table, chair, prop etc. The Phantasm Portable Pro III Series is basically a Phantasm illusion without the table. That's right, you supply your own regular table, chair, or prop, and the Phantasm Portable Pro will adapt to your show.

With Phantasm Portable Pro you can animate borrowed objects sealed inside an examinable Plexiglas box, seemingly with only the power of your mind. You can make the objects, move, slide, levitate, float and even dance in full view while sealed inside the Plexiglas box.

All this without the aid of any special lighting or backdrops.

Use the equipment to demonstrate, telekinesis, poltergeist activity, power of levitation etc.

You will receive a specially built remote control programmable receiver that allows you to personalize your own program and animation sequences. Each object you animate can have it's very own program, or choreograph more than one object together, only limited by your own imagination. The receiver is simply placed under or behind any table, chair, prop etc, and it is all controlled with one tiny key-chain mini pocket remote. So easy to perform! Sean Bogunia of Ultimate Magic Productions is responsible for designing the high tech microchips used in the electronic animation system.

You can animate a wide range of borrowed objects such as coins, pictures, keys, jewelry, credit cards, handkerchiefs, cigarettes, playing cards, and pretty much any other small to medium sized object.

Best of all the Phantasm Portable Pro packs down completely flat in it's very own custom built ATA case, perfect for traveling.

The revolution is here!

Your Phantasm Portable Pro III Series comes complete with specially fabricated gimmick-ed Plexiglas box, Electronic remote controlled programmable animation receiver, mini key-chain pocket remote, custom built ATA case, and instructions with designer routines.

Choose from 3 different series models:

Phantasm Portable Pro I-USD $1399.99 USD (Animates up to 1 object at a time)
Phantasm Portable Pro II-USD $1699.99 USD (Animates up to 2 objects at a time)
Phantasm Portable Pro III-USD $1999.99 USD (Animates up to 3 objects at a time)


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