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A menacing looking cabinet is introduced with 2 long spears hung on its front door. The illusion is rotated 360 degrees. The back door is opened up and the performer (or an assistant) is locked inside of the cabinet. There are two handles on top of the illusion for them to hold on to while the torture begins. The spears are removed and the front door is opened showing the performers body in full view. The first spear is thrust through the side of the cabinet visually piercing the performers midsection. The spear is thrust all the way through the performer's sides, and out the other end of the cabinet. The second spear is now thrust through the performer's body from back to front. The audience can see this spear penetrate right though the front of the performers stomach with a devastating blow!  Next the assistant pulls the spear running through his back and stomach, taking the performers midsection along with it, as it slides along the other spear going through the side of his body. His midsection is slid all the way over to the other side of the cabinet separating his body into 3 separate pieces while skewered by two criss-crossing spears. All is reversed and the performer steps out unharmed!

- This can be performed completely surrounded.
- The illusion breaks down for travel.
- Pierced Alive only takes a few minutes to set up.
- Pierced Alive requires no special lighting or staging and is completely self contained.
- May be performed with the magician or his assistant.

USD $2750.00
* Custom Built ATA Case-USD $499.99 USD.
* Shipping Not Included.
* Please allow 4 - 6 weeks turnaround time
* Custom primary paint color change - No Charge
* All other custom paint finishes - Please add USD $100.00 USD
* Custom durable laminate finish - Please add USD $500.00 USD
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