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An audience member is asked to select ANY card and sign their name on the front of the card. The card is then lost into the deck. The card magically vanishes from the deck. After various comical attempts to find the audience members signed card in the deck the magician finally gives up. The magicians hands a Pop-Tart® to the audience member as a sign of good tokent for helping out. As the magician bites into his Pop-Tart®, a surprised look comes over his face like he just bit into a rock. He pulls the Pop-Tart® away from his mouth to reveal a card inside the fruit filling in the middle of the Pop-Tart® (yes, it is ACTUALLY INSIDE of the Pop-Tart®).

The beauty of POP-CARD is in its simplicity, as very ittle preparation and skill is needed to perfect this amazing effect. POP-CARD is one of the most unique "card to impossible location" effects on the market. In this DVD you will see POP-CARD performed in a restaurant and then you will learn how this amazing visual effect works.

POP-CARD is perfect for stage magicians, street magicians, restaurant workers and strolling magicians. The instructional DVD supplies everything you need to know to get started to perform POP-CARD.

Pop-Tarts® not included. Pop-Tarts® is a registered trademark of Kellogg's Company.

- Alternate handling and ending included
- No difficult sleight of hand required
- POP-CARD can be learned in minutes
- Packs small, plays big
- Provides a shocking climax
- Any card may be selected (a true free choice)
- Easy reset, and may be repeated with a different card

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