You are checking out Salt Pour Finale Platform For use with Paul Kozak's Superior Salt pour gimmick

If you have ever thought about performing Paul Kozak's Incredible Superior Salt Pour, then this is the complete act you have been waiting for.

Peter Loughran with Paul Kozak's permission, has created a complete professional accessory act for use with Paul Kozak's Superior Salt Pour.

The performer introduces a professionally built step platform and a small rolled up black mat. The mat is unrolled and placed on top of the platform. The performer then follows with Paul Kozak's famous Superior Salt Pour.

The salt pours from the performer's hand and onto the black mat enhancing the visuals of salt. After the big pour at the end, For the finale the performer rolls up the small mat containing the salt into a tube and steps up onto the platform. On the performer's command the salt explodes out of rolled up platform instantly and visually changing into an array of white confetti and white streamers. The perfect ending for the superior salt pour.

Important Features
- The Finale Platform contains a secret hidden drop allowing you to cleanly ditch the salt pour gimmick right in front of your audience.
- The Finale platform is professionally made with a felted top and trimmed in aluminum and can be used through out your act for other uses.
-The Platform has collapsible legs for easy transportation
-The black mat and platform contrast well with the salt, allowing the salt to show up better on stage and appear to be a larger amount.
-The mat contains a built in Co2 powered streamer cannon and the fabric contains grooves to hold the salt.
-The mat and platform allow for an easy clean up, so no salt will end up on the stage after the performance.
-The entire act folds flat in it's very own custom built ATA case.

Peter Loughran's Salt Pour Finale Platform comes complete and includes:
-Paul Kozak Superior Salt Pour Gimmick(USD $300 Value)
-Paul Kozak's Routine and Instructional DVD
-Peter Loughran's custom Salt Pour Routine
-Performance Rights
-Professional Finale Platform with built in hidden drop and collapsible legs
-2 Salt shakers
-Custom fabricated Salt Mat with built in Co2 powered Streamer Cannon
-Package of streamers
-Extra Co2 cartridges
-Custom built ATA case

"...When a piece of Art is viewed, the "Presentation" is just as important as the Work itself. Peter's Platform has "Matted and Framed" the Salt Pour. He has taken it from Manipulation to Grand Illusion worthy of The Louvre..."
Paul Kozak

USD $1499.99
* If you already own the Paul Kozak Superior Salt Pour gimmick you can order the complete act without it for only USD $1299.99 USD This includes a royalty payment to Paul Kozak.
* Shipping Not Included
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