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Peter has fond memories of when he first started performing parlor tricks in his show at a tender age, and most notably the classic Square Circle Illusion. So recently when a customer asked Peter to build a funky one for their new show, Peter ran with it, and built quite possibly the nicest square circle ever made.

The 3-D Paint Splatter design actually themes the illusion in proper context for the magician that gives him a world of routine possiblilites. Don't settle for cheap $100 models that used to have painted dragons and magic lamps, that are made of cheap heavy MDF partcle board that is likely to decay over time. Our limited edition PRO square circle will last a life time!

Classic Square Circle Effect:
A square box with a circular tube rest on a thin elevated base so the audience can see clear under the props at all times. One by one the circular tube and the box with a front window cuto out are shown to be completely and utterly empty, yet when nested together, the magician is able to produce a huge variety of objects from silks, to flowers to small animals. The effect can be repeated over and over again. The prop can be performed surrounded.

Some notable improvements over the cheaper existing models on the market:

  • Proper material used on the inner tube for maximum decpetiveness
  • Themed art to allow proper story telling for today's modern performer
  • More deceptive than cheaper models that no window grill is needed, making it much more magical to the audience giving them a clear view inside at all times
  • A beautiful felted base that elevates the prop so the audience always has clear view under the prop(an important detail often missed with other models, because without this, the audience often thinks there is just a hole in the magician's table that the items come from.
  • Tricked out in polished aluminum, for not only cosmetic reasons, but also to protect the corners and edges of the prop, so it becomes practically indestructable
  • Beautifully built and light weight compared to the cheaper models, no detail was missed.
  • Each one is numbered for authenticity


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