Remote Activated Miracles Electronic Stealth Table

Effect- At any time during the act, the performer can make a variety of objects instantly, magically, and impossibly materialize under Cups, behind playing cards, under their hand, or handkerchiefs, and boxes etc. simply with a push of a button.
Your audience will not believe their eyes!

About the Electronic Stealth Table:
The first Stealth table was originally designed and built for master cups & balls magician Hans Schmid, and was designed to make final load productions appear as a finale in a cups & balls routine with no sleight of hand.

The table is programmable and electronic, and is activated with a single push of a button on tiny keychain remote that can be hidden in your pocket or Velcro it to the back of the table. You can program in a start delay (for instance 10 seconds) so that when you push the button on the remote, the table doesn't actually start to function for 10 seconds. Your time delay can be up to several minutes long if you desire, and allow your hands to be in full view when the magic takes place.

The table top is ultra deceptive even from inches away. The table will look exactly the same before and after the items appear, and will allow you to use the table for other effects.The table allows you perform what appears to be real magic. It is deceptive enough to be done on stage or close up.

Best of all you can make the objects vanish just as quickly as you made them appear! Now that is magic!

This was originally designed to make 3 final loads appear under a set of cups, but you can also make just 1 item appear, or 2 items, or all three items. However which ever you choose they will all appear or vanish at the same time.

Not only does the table create unbelievable magic never before possible, but also allows you to make objects appear as your final load that were never possible before with classic sleight of hand, such as shot glasses full of actual drinkable liquid. Now that is amazing and your audience will have no explanation for that!

The Stealth table is beautifully handcrafted, and comes with a beautiful felted top with decorative and deceptive top trim, highlighted by polished aluminum edging, and is built for professional use. limited only by your imagination, add a Stealth Table to your act today!

Custom load chambers and sizes available upon request, however additional charges may apply if the size request affects the cost of materials and/or labor.

USD $1250.00
* S&H extra.
* This illusion is built on order, please allow 2-4 weeks turnaround time
* Please note that the decorative/deceptive top trim may vary in color
* Please send an email to order this illusion.
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