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Watch as a borrowed plastic bottle is punctured and then magically restored!

The performer borrows a plastic water bottle from a spectator. A solid steel nail is introduced and the performer uses it to stab and puncture the bottle.

The nail is seen sticking out of the side of the bottle. The performer pulls the nail out of the bottle, and water begins to rapidly stream and spew out of the hole. The performer then plugs the hole with his finger and gently rubs the hole, magically sealing and restoring the bottle back to normal. The bottle is then immediately given back to the spectator and to their astonishment the bottle is good as new.

  • Borrow and use virtually any plastic beverage bottle, like water or pop bottles.
  • The performer's hands are shown to be completely empty before during and after the effect.
  • Designed for workers with amazing viewing angles allowing you to perform this in most real world performing situations.
  • The bottles can be already open or sealed.
  • Everything can be examined before and after the effect.
  • No bottle preparation, just borrow a bottle, do the trick and hand it back.
  • Sets up in under a minute and is instantly repeatable.
  • Uses no chemicals, goop, tape or any other substances to re-seal the hole.
  • Puncture the hole virtually any where on the bottle.
  • Spray the water towards your spectators for some interactive fun.

Have a blast this summer with AQUA-PUNCTURE!

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