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Effect: The performer introduces a man and a woman, along with 2 colored boxes sitting side by side. The man is wearing a shirt, pants and work boots. The woman is wearing a top, skirt and high heels. The back doors and the lid are opened to the illusion and the man is secured into the purple box and the woman is secured into the yellow box.

Next two large blades are inserted at the top of each box from front to back cutting both the man and the woman in half. Next the impossible happens; the performer removes both boxes away from the rest of their torsos, and it just looks impossible. Even when you know the secret, it still looks impossible. The man and woman are in disbelief. The performer now opens the front doors of the two boxes and the manís severed legs can be seen in the purple box, and the womanís legs are seen in the yellow box.

Now for the kicker, the performer will now do a BODY SWAP. The performer takes the yellow box with the womanís legs and places them back together with the manís body, and the purple box with the manís legs are put back together with the womenís body. The blades are now removed. When the two emerge from the boxes, the woman now has the manís legs and pants, and the man has the womenís legs and skirt. The woman struts off stage, the man begins to waddle off stage in his tight skirt, and the performer calls the man back to pick up his high heels and a purse for a comedy ending to an impossible illusion.

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Body Swap is ultra deceptive, and comes with the illusion prop beautifully finished in laminate, fabric, paint and aluminum on locking castors, 2 Large aluminum blades, instructions and performance rights.

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