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Do the illusion with an assistant or by yourself!

Effect: The performer introduces a menacing looking cabinet on castors, and rotates the illusion 360 degrees. The back and front doors are opened, and the audience can see CLEAR THROUGH the cabinet. The performer enters the cabinet and their legs can be seen filling the cabinet. The doors all closed locking them inside. A large metal blade is introduced and is pushed through the cabinet front to back appear to slice through their legs just above the knees. The front doors are opened showing his legs are still inside. Now the performer grabs onto each of his legs and pulls on them ripping them away from the rest of his torso and out the sides of the cabinet, bone, blood and all, for a shocking climax! All is reversed and the performer magically turns back time and steps out of the cabinet unharmed.

+ Self contained
+ Perform it with an assistant or by yourself
+ No special lighting conditions required
+ Packs small, but plays big
+ Light weight and can be picked up and carried by one person
+ Collapses down to an approximate size of 16”x 30” x 12”
+ Bone Breaker will fit inside the backseat or trunk of just about any car
+ Dress the prop to match any type or color of pants
+ Finished in a rustic red with polished aluminum
+ Sets up in 1 minute, and then always ready to go
+ Perform it inches away from your spectators
+ The legs show a blood and bone effect at the severed joints (optional when dressing)
+ Super easy to do
+ Great for a serious or comedic routine

Peter Loughran’s Bone Breaker illusion comes complete with Bone Breaker illusion, Aluminum blade, and instructions.

Standard Bone Breaker USD $1750.00 (Will host an average build performer 6 feet tall, 200 lbs or less)
* Optional custom ATA case - $400.00 USD
* Custom Built larger Bone Breaker-please add $250.00 USD
* Please allow 2-4 weeks for turnaround time.





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