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Watch as coins and other small objects vanish at your finger tips

Created by Joshua Earp
Production by Peter Loughran

Main Effect:  After showing both hands completely empty, a coin (or another small object) is picked up and without any funny moves, seems to just EVAPORATE into thin air at the Magician's finger tips like a Hollywood special effect!

Sample Effect:  Your imagination is the only limitation you have when creating effects. Here are some sample effects listed below:

  • Make coins or other small objects like dice or balls vanish on your open palm with a wave of a hand.
  • Make a coin change instantly to another coin.
  • Instantly change a crayon or Bic lighter to a different color.
  • Make a coin turn into dust
  • Make a dollar bill turn into a silver dollar
  • Vanish a borrowed ring only to have it reappear in an impossible location later on in your show.
  • Make a key shrink to half its size.
  • Make a card box vanish behind a fan flourish
  • Dissolve a business card in between your hands like real magic.


  • Perform in long sleeves, short sleeves, with or without a jacket, because Evaporate has no clothing restrictions, in fact you could perform it naked.
  • Easy to do, and uses a simple but very clever secret.
  • No magnets, elastics, or reels.
  • Use borrowed objects for many effects.
  • Objects are easily retrieved after they evaporate.
  • Easy set up, and ready to go
  • Completely silent

Evaporate comes with the very clever secret, special apparatus, and a detailed instruction booklet outlining Joshua Earp's personal routine and handling including a bonus effect. Also included are routines by Peter Loughran.
Supply your own props.

Learn Joshua's secret and order today

Available July 1st 2013, only 100 copies available at launch. Reserve your copy today.


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