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-Remotely Activate Startling Special Effects-

Originally this technology was first built into the motherboard that operates the original WitchBoard, but Sean Bogunia of Ultimate Magic Productions has out done himself once again, building a small separate unit that can be programmed to animate up to 3 electrical outlets on que!

Create spooky Hollywood style special effects in any room with a push of a button! Imagine making lights turn on and off or flicker by themselves, or making a TV turn on with ghostly figures in the screen, or a radio suddenly turning on, coming to life, flipping through the stations then suddenly stopping on a specific song related to the ghost in the room. Make a vacuum, blender, or other loud appliance turn on unexpectedly by itself for a startling effect in any home seance show. Ghost Controller is now a standalone effect that can be used in any séance show with or without other props. The unit is remote activated, completely customizable and easy to use. Sets up in just a couple of minutes.

Included with Ghost Controller is a special effects radio CD and a TV special effect that shows ghostly figures that appear and disappear within the TV static along with an electrical shock video effect. Comes with detailed instructions.

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