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After the success of Peter Loughran and Sean Bogunia’s technological masterpiece “WitchBoard” we get requests for just parts of the features the WitchBoard can do, such as requests for a unit that can just control the lights and other electronics and appliances is in the room, and also we’ve had requests for a WitchBoard that was non electronic and manually controlled.

Welcome to the world of Jitters, Peter Loughran’s new paranormal package that you can customize, not only with the show itself, but also which items you choose to make up your package.

The entire Jitters ghost show package will consist of a “WitchBoard Lite” which is non electronic version of the original WitchBoard that uses Peter’s new ingenious method that was first employed in his new “ShockWave” PK Animator Board allowing you to have manual unseen control over the planchette on top of the board seemingly spelling out words and answering questions all by itself. Secondly it will come with a “Ghost Controller” manufactured by Sean Bogunia of Ultimate Magic Productions that is a self contained programmable electronic system that will allow you to control lights, TVs, radios, and much more seemingly all processed by real ghosts. The Ghost Controller also comes with a radio special effect and ghost in the TV special effect for use with the system, bringing the show to a whole new level that can only be compared to real live Hollywood special effects, that are sure to create the realism and entertainment your audiences crave. Finally this package will include one of Peter Loughran’s Entity props, allowing you to create a poltergeist effect of a moving object in the room all by itself, whether you have a glass slide eerily on a counter across the room by itself, or cause a candle to move by itself on the table in front of your guests, you will certainly be creating a realistic ghost show your audience will never forget. And best of all only 1 tiny pocket keychain remote will activate both the Entity and Ghost Controller.

Best of all the entire show can be set up in just a few minutes in a room, and packed up in even less time. All the set up and pack-up will of course be done while you as the medium “prepare” and “Cleanse” the room before and after the show.

Imagine being able to do a realistic séance, for elite in-house parties, charging easily $1000-$2000 a show. But best of all you can use your own Night Vision cameras to record the events, and then with our connection with Dark Arts Media (extra service charge), you can even then sell encrypted DVDs of the night’s event back to your clients, only this time, the ghosts will actually appear on film in the room with the guests at the party but now interacting with the objects that suddenly came on like a radio. Can you imagine the look on their faces when they watch this video but now see a ghostly figure standing over the radio and switching the stations? Your clients will freak out, and no doubt buy multiple copies at your selected price point making for extra revenue, and best of all, they will be showing the video to their friends and family and of course your name and website for future bookings will be on the DVD. Can you imagine, when someone asks your client what they did last weekend, and they say “Well let me show you, you won’t believe it”, nothing but repeat bookings can come of it.

About the Individual products:


WITCHBOARD LITE Lite: This new board measures 20” x 15” and is only 1” thick! Using Peter Loughran’s new ShockWave principle, you can have the planchette appear to move all by itself across the board seemingly spelling out words, names or phrases. The board a can also be use to animate other objects and can also be shown to contain no magnetic connections or threads. You have the ability to control the planchette on the fly making it perfect for impromptu performing situations.

GHOST CONTROLLER: Originally this technology was first built into the motherboard that operates the original WitchBoard, but Sean Bogunia of Ultimate Magic Productions has out done himself once again, building a small separate unit that can be programmed to animate up to 3 electrical outlets on que, making lights turn on and off, or TVs to come on with ghostly figures in the screen, or a radio to suddenly turn on, coming to life, and flips through the stations then suddenly stops on a specific song related to the ghost in the room. The Ghost Controller is now a standalone effect that can be used in any séance show with our without our other props. Included is a special effects radio CD and a special Effects DVD with ghostly figures that appear and disappear within the TV static along with an electrical shock video effect.

ENTITY: This is Peter’s famous table animator that allows you to make an object move all by itself across the room without you ever going near the object while it moves. For more info please check out Peter’s Entity here:

Best of all you can buy all three in one complete package deal, or buy just the effects or props you want separately.

WitchBoard Lite (Non Electronic) with planchette

USD $499.99
Ghost Controller (Electronic & Remote Activated)

USD $999.99
Entity (Electronic & Remote Activated)

USD $399.99
Complete Package Deal - $ 1599.99 a savings of $300.00 USD

USD $1599.99
* Shipping & Handling Not Included.
* Optional ATA case available for $225.00































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