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Based on its big brother, the famous twister illusion has now been microsized! The performer introduces a barbie doll which will act as your assistant. She can be inspected by the audience and is seen to be a simple solid plastic doll and is un-gimmicked. The lid is opened on the illusion and she is placed inside the mini Twister illusion. The lever on the side of the head box is rotated apparently clamping the head box tighter around the doll's head. The front doors are opened to reveal the body is still in one solid peice and facing the audience. The head box is now spun around 360 degrees and the doll's head goes with it, while its body stays still. The front doors are closed and the head box is twisted around 360 degrees two more times. Now when the front doors are opened, the doll's body is all twisted up in the center just like the larger illusion. All is reversed and the barbie doll comes out unharmed and in one solid peice again.

  • Limited Edition, only 24 will be made
  • Perfect peice for collectors
  • Actually perform it for comedy and children's magic shows
  • Each one is numbered
  • Great for display in a den, office or magic room
  • So much fun to perform it for children, friends and family
  • Very deceptive even close up
  • Each one is hand crafted out of wood and aluminum and takes hours and hours to complete

Peter Loughran's Micro Twister comes complete with Mini Twister illusion, doll, and instructions. Please note that the dolls and/or doll clothing may vary in appearance slightly from peice to peice.


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