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The performer introduces a box that resembles a miniature Pet Shop building complete with a store window, sign and front door. The interior of the prop is seen to be completely empty and may be rotated to show all sides. Next the performer invites a child up on stage to assist him with the illusion. 4 large flash cards are introduced with pictures of different animals on them, a bird, a rabbit, a cat, a dog, and a fish. The child selects one of the flash cards and shows it to the rest of the audience without the performer seeing the card. The performer says he will now predict which card the child chose. The magician selects one of the cards and drops it into a silt in the roof of the building dropping in inside the box so that it now covers the inside of the window of the prop. The performer has selected the bird, and the kids scream at the performer announcing his failure. The performer apologizes for not getting the selection correct, and then asks which animal the child had really chosen, and the child answers with "The rabbit"! The performer then says, well its a good thing we are doing the illusion with a real pet shop, and removes the flash card of the bird from the prop now opening the view of the window once again so everyone can see inside of the prop, and now seen inside of the Pet Shop is a real live rabbit, and the kids go absolutely crazy! The rabbit can now be removed from either the front door or the lid can open up for you take the rabbit out and have the kids pet him.

There are many alternate ways of performing this effect, for instance the child can simply select a flash card (simple force) and the picture of the animal ( a rabbit) is placed inside the open window and then immediately removed showing the rabbit has materialized inside the Pet Shop.

Originally re-built for popular children's magician Jasson Chessor of Peterborough Ontario, Abbotts loved our new version so much, they have given us exclusive manufacturing permission, to now re-create this classic children's prop that is no longer made by Abbotts. It has been long discontinued by Abbotts for decades, but now can be yours to perform again! As Greg Borden from Abbotts Magic told us "Its so old, its new again!

Check out the detailed photos of the prop below:

The photo above shows our new version sitting side by side with an Abbotts original. The original Abbotts version was made of pressboard, light hardware, had wall paper on the inside, with the bricks of the building painted on, and sold for around USD $250 decades ago.

-Built out of high quality materials
-Stainless modern chrome work instead of brass
-Hand carved 3-dimensional brick work
-Table base is built to hold the flash cards with a slit in the back
-Window and mirror are now built out of Acrylite-Plus Plexiglas
-Durable laminate finish inside and out for easy cleaning
-Detailed overhanging roof and window framing
-Magnetic locking front door and lid to contain even the rowdiest of animals
-Base is trimmed with polished aluminum
-Can be mounted on most table bases
-Realistic air brushing finish
-Each one is hand crafted with love and come to you numbered for authenticity


PET SHOP comes with large animal flash cards and instructions, supply your own optional table base

USD $875.00
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