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Now introduing a deluxe ShockWave model, beautifully hand crafted out of wood and antiqued to old age perfection. This new model is larger than the original ShockWave measureing approsixmately 20 inches wide by 15 inches deep allowing for larger animation area, and yet is still only 1 inch thick. For those that want to add a more "Old world Class" to their close up show, ShockWave Deluxe is here!

Please supply your own close up pad for on top of the performing surface.

Create shocking visual PK effects, animations, and more, seemingly with just your brain waves.

Magicians have created tables, close up mats and trays with built in PK devices, but never have they built one like this with the capability of motion and animation. Shockwave is a new professional PK board that allows you create shocking visual PK effects, animations as well as standard PK effects with utter ease, and virtually no technical skill to perform. In addition the PK device is completely self-contained within the sleek, cutting edge, and beautifully hand crafted board, allowing you to have full control over the animations, movements and PK capabilities at all times. The effects that you can create are endless and only limited by your imagination, and get this; it uses no electronics, and is silent in operation.

This clever new board has been designed to look like a professional close up platform, with a modern and edgy look, and can be used for your entire close up magic act along with the ability to create the stunning visual PK effects at any time! Perfect for any table top, walk around restaurant work or in the most intimate situations. You can control where the PK “hot spots” occur, therefore allowing you to immediately show no magnetic connection on the board where a PK effect just took place. You can even dump a load of steel washers on the board, then tilt the board up and watch them slide off proving that there are no magnets being used. You can animate an object under glass, or in a spectator’s hand, without moving the object or the spectator’s hand. You can do standard PK effects like never before, like making watches stop and start back up again at will, without ever having to move or touch the watch, or having to wave a magnet under the table. You can make a match stick or a small nail stand on end under a shot glass and then show that the area is free of magnets. Remember Shockwave is 100% self-contained so there are no PK devices or magnets etc for the magician to conceal.

But best of all you can make objects MOVE, all on their own across the board, sliding like it’s been possessed by a ghost in the room, or seemingly being powered only by your amazing Telekinesis abilities. Imagine ending a matrix coin routine, by doing the finale in slow motion, and the spectators will see the final coin actually slide out from under one card and eerily move across the board and rest under the other playing card. Imagine being able to do a haunted deck without the use of any kind of thread work, and that’s ready to go at all times, imagine being able to make a toy car drive along the board and stop on a selected playing card and without using any gimmicked toy cars or trick cards, imagine being able to make an object move from one hand to another as if you have the force, imagine almost any PK effect possible, and this board will be your secret weapon!

-No electronics
- No threads
- No PK rings
- 100% Self-contained
- Light weight
- Always under your control
- Perform it naked
- Possibilities are endless



ShockWave comes to you complete with the professional hand crafted board, accessories and instructions with loads of sample routine ideas to get you started.

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