You are checking out STABBED Effect: Inspired by classic halloween and magic horror effects like the Knife thru Arm, STABBED is a brand new mini pocket illusion you can carry with you everywhere you go, and perform it at a moments notice.

The performer introduces a steel spike about 5" long, and lets the specators inspect the spike to make sure it is made of solid steel. The performer states that he will now try and bend the solid steel spike with the power of his mind. After he concentrates on the spike, he fails to bend it. He then says he will try and make the metal spike float up off of his hand instead. He makes a magical gesture, but nothing happens.

He then says, "Well I'll just do a penetration effect" and suddenly he thrusts the solid steel spike right into his chest(or other part of the body, like an arm for example). Blood can be seen to ooze out of his chest (blood effect optional) and then takes his hand away and the spike is stuck into his chest an inch deep!

Your specators will scream, it looks so real! Next the performer rips the spike out from his chest and drops it on the ground with a loud twangy thud. There is an obvious hole through the shirt and deep into his chest. He lifts the shirt up revealing the wound first hand.

A cloth is introduced to wipe away the blood from his chest, and miraculously the wound has now been healed as if by magic. He then directs the specators attention to the shirt where he now magically rubs away the hole, and the shirt also restores back to its normal state, and the specators can now examine everything and will find nothing.

-No switches
-100% safe
-Can be performed on many parts of the body
-Great for stage or close up
-Can be done with or without blood
-Everything can be fully examined
-Can be done surrounded
-Resets in seconds
-Mulitple effects and handlings are included
-Perfect for comedy, bizarre, shock, or halloween shows
-Can be carried around in your pocket, and performed at a moments notice.
-Any shirt can be worn and is safe for most fabrics

Stabbed comes complete with the special 5" steel spike, fake blood, instructional booklet and additional special appratus.

USD $39.99
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