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Think about this for a moment:
Have you ever wanted to be able to perform a sawing in half illusion that didn't cost you thousands of dollars, and one that didn't require big elaborate boxes, or assistants? Have you ever wanted to perform something that would be ready to go at any time, and one that didn't require the use of body shells that you had to wear or other impractical methods? Well look no further!

Imagine being able to tell your clients that you can cut yourself in half at your next show, and the best part is you can accomplish this without the aid of a huge box, or assistants, or having to wear some kind of body shell! Think of bookings and the extra money you can charge for adding an illusion to your show, or keep your fees the same, and offer something else your local competition does not!

Imagine being able to take a prop with you that packs super small, but plays super huge like a large stage illusion. Imagine being able to perform a sawing in half illusion that you can carry under one arm, that is always ready to go at a moment's notice, at anytime during your routine, allows you to wear normal clothes and enables you to start clean and end clean!

Carry the prop under one arm and walk it over to your neighbor's house and perform a sawing in half illusion right in their living room, or put it on the front seat of your car and take it with you to your next stage show, or pack It in your suitcase and fly with it to your next cruise ship gig!

The performer brings out a cardboard box on stage; He explains to his audience that he just received this new illusion in the mail on how to saw themselves in half. The performer then removes a 2 fold screen (already folded in half) and a CD. The performer inserts the CD into a CD player sitting on a table next to them. An instructional voice over is heard playing through the CD player's speakers explaining to the performer how to perform the trick. The CD instructs the performer to unfold the screen. The performer listens intently and follows these instructions, and unfolds the screen to reveal an outline of a person's body as it is held in front of them.

Next the CD instructs the performer to show a knife to the audience, and the performer does so, showing a knife with a shiny metal blade gleaming in the light. The CD then explains that the performer must run the blade all the way through the slit in the middle of the screen to cut themselves in half, but not to worry as the trick uses a magical knife. The performer obliges and inserts the blade and swipes it across the mid section of the screen apparently making a long incision along his waist line.

Next the CD instructs the performer to move the screen sideways to reveal that their body remains in one piece. The performer does exactly this, except now the performer begins to express a queasy look on their face and their body begins to separate and come apart. His legs remain in place as his upper torso slides away off to the side with his legs on one side and his upper torso on the other. The trick has apparently gone terribly wrong.

The voiceover explains that if this happens, they have done the trick incorrectly, but no to worry, they can restore themselves by saying the magic words. The performer puts their body back together again, recites the magic words and magically restores their body back together again, and takes their well deserved bow.

There are dozens of ways to saw someone in half, in magic, some requiring boxes, and some not, and while Trial Separation may appear similar to other sawing in half illusions including our own "Beside Yourself illusion", we assure you that this illusion uses a unique method that differs from all others, and it also does not use a body shell or other cumbersome costume alterations that you would wear.

Trial Separation requires nothing special for you to wear (other than your regular clothes or costume of course), and uses a unique mechanical hardware system engineered to perfection delivering the gaff in and out of play without detection and with ease. The illusion is super easy to do, and can be learned in minutes.

Trial Separation comes with a hilarious routine, professionally produced comedy instructional voiceover CD, special 2 fold screen, aluminum Knife, and (the real) Instructions.

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