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The electronic animated ATM drawing board

Effect: The performer introduces a white dry erase marker board on a swivel stand, with a black cloth draped over the top portion of the board hiding a drawing underneath.

The performer invites a volunteer up on stage and asks to borrow a dollar bill of ANY domination. The performer asks the volunteer to sign the front or back of the bill (or both) so that they will be able to recognize their bill if they were to see it again. The performer tells them they are going to magically burn their bill in an envelope and then restore the ashes and bring their bill back to life. The Performer inserts the signed bill into an envelope and lights it on fire, but the trick goes horribly wrong, and the performer tells the volunteer that the bill is lost forever. “But not to worry”, says the magician, he tells the volunteer he can write him a check.

The performer uncovers the drawing board revealing a blank check drawn on the board with a marker. The performer fills out the check to the volunteer’s name in the amount of the domination of the bill that was burned. He takes the board out of the swivel stand and offers the board to the volunteer, and says that the bank should accept this marker board as legal tender. The volunteer is unsatisfied, so the performer replaces the marker board into the stand, and erases the check, and says “I have a better idea”. The performer then draws on an ATM machine complete with a black line on the side to swipe your card and a computer screen, money dispenser and key pad. The performer takes out his bank card and pretends to swipe it through the black line on the side of the drawing. Nothing happens. The performer looks puzzled and says “Oh that’s right, it needs to process” he then writes the words “Processing….Please Wait…” on to the screen of the ATM drawing.

The performer steps away and then magically all by itself the ATM comes to life and a receipt suddenly spits out of the hand drawn money dispenser, followed by the borrowed SIGNED bill!


+ WITHDRAWal is fully electronic and activated by a single pocket remote
+ The Marker board is approximately 1” thick and may be rotated 360 degrees showing all sides
+ The performer has complete control over the ATM at all times.
+ You can borrow ANY domination and have the bill SIGNED
+ Set up only takes 1 minute
+ Alternatively you can use a torn corner off of a bill instead of a signature
+ WITHDRAWal is fully programmable, and the routine can be customized to your own patter and performance
+ Great comedy illusion that packs small, plays big, and is a ONE MAN illusionette
+ Comes complete and ready to go with electronic marker board, swivel stand, built on black cover cloth, batteries, remote control, dry erase marker, and instructions.
+ Use your own dollar bill of any domination and volunteer.

USD $1199.99 USD
* Optional custom ATA case - $250.00 USD
* Shipping and handling extra





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