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This was a huge hit during Peter's Illusion shows from years past and was a signature routine. Now he no longer performs with doves, and after much convincing from fellow magicians, Peter has now finally released one of his favorite routines of all time.

EFFECT: The performer produces up to 4-6 doves and places them inside on the perch of an attractive and very large cage. A beautiful foulard is pulled over the cage, and a loud cat screech is heard over the PA system. The foulard is whisked away with an explosion of white dove feathers, the birds are gone and now seen inside the cage are 2 large house cats roaming the inside of the cage with a few of the white dove feathers left fluttering to the floor, where the birds were moments ago!

A great comedic effect, and an amazing illusion. Big laughs, with big gasps!

Use Peter's routine, or just as a doves to cats cage!

Due to the unique design, The Cats Revenge can also be used with large birds instead of doves, for example a couple of Cockatoos, and the house cats can be substituted for some rabbits, or a small dog etc. This new design also allows the birds to have an abundance of circulating air, and constant breathing air, so that they can be left in the secret compartment until well beyond the end of your show in total comfort.

This cage is not your typical dove cage, this is HUGE measuring close to 3 feet wide, 2 feet deep, and standing close to 4 feet tall. Can be seen on the largest stage, yet deceptive enough to be done up-close in smaller venues.

The Cats Revenge includes everything for Peter's hit routine that he had performed for years with huge reactions!

The Cats Revenge packs flat in it's own custom built light weight ATA case, sets up and breaks down in minutes, and also includes the cat screech sound effect on CD, a beautiful liquid metal foulard, and an ample amount of synthetic white dove feathers. Built with only the highest quality materials and polished aluminum making this illusion super light weight and built for professionals.


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