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The performer invites a freely chosen volunteer (no stooges are used), and begins to tell a story about the ghost of a gambler named Vincent Cooper, who used to bring his lucky charm with him to the card games. The performer introduces an old voodoo doll, and tells the audience he believes that Vincent's ghost is still connected to the doll.

The performer introduces a folding chair that resembles those used with classic card tables. The performer talks about how the Vincent was very cautious of who he played poker with. He also wanted to make sure that whoever he was playing with was not a cheat. He would look under the chair to make sure that no cards were hidden under there by other players (the bottom of the chair is shown empty). The performer now unfolds the chair and instructs the volunteer to have a seat. The performer tells the volunteer that they will now take part in an intimate paranormal experiment.

The volunteer is then blindfolded so that they will become more in tune with their other senses. The performer tells the spectator that they will not feel any pain and that he will not be piercing the doll with any kind of sharp object, however unbeknown to the blindfolded volunteer, the performer pulls out a sharp looking needle from his pocket and goes to pierce the doll, but then changes his mind and puts the needle away, gaining a huge laugh from the rest of the audience.

As the performer continues to tell the story, he explains that Vincent would sometimes take a handkerchief and wipe the face of the players to make sure they were not wearing makeup or wearing any kind of disguise and they were really who they said they were.

The performer now introduces an old handkerchief that used to belong to Vincent Cooper and gently wipes the face of the Voodoo Doll while standing far away from the spectator sitting in the chair. The volunteer is asked if they feel anything touching their face, and they will answer "YES".

Next he explains that Vincent cooper would check the hands or wrists of the other card players to make sure they didn't have any extra ACES up their sleeves. The performer asks the volunteer to pull up their sleeves and the performer runs his fingers up and down the arm of the voodoo doll, and asks the spectator if they feel anything touching their arms/wrists, and they will say "YES".

Then the performer explains that the late Vincent Cooper would walk behind and around each player at the table to make sure they did not have anything else hidden on them, and he asks the volunteer to let them know when and if they feel like someone walks by them. The performer sits the voodoo doll down on the table and walks by the doll, the volunteer, will now say they just felt someone walk by them (but eerily no one ever did).

Finally he says that when Vincent Cooper was ready to play and felt comfortable with all the other players, he would pick his seat at the table, and if someone was already sitting in it, he would tap them on the shoulder 3 times and that was their cue to stand up and move to another chair. The performer explains to the volunteer that if they are tapped 3 times on their shoulder then they should count to 3 and then stand up. The performer taps the voodoo doll 3 times on the shoulder, and waits, 3 seconds pass by and the volunteer stands up.

The blind fold is removed and the volunteer and performer can now take a bow concluding an unbelievable paranormal experience. Was it voodoo, a ghost, or simply magic?

About Voodoo Touch:
- Voodoo Touch will not hurt or make your volunteer feel uncomfortable in any way.
- No electrical shocks or similar effects are ever used.
- The bottom of the chair is shown empty and free of any kind of gimmickry.
- Voodoo touch uses a special electronic chair that is completely safe, and is fully programmable to your specific needs.
- The remote that activates the chair's electronic effects is conveniently hidden inside the Voodoo doll itself, giving you control at your fingertips in plain sight.
- Voodoo Touch is self contained and folds flat for travel inside its very own custom made travel bag.
- Your volunteer will actually feel the sensations that are described and performed on the doll, without the performer ever having to touch them or be close to them.
- The special chair is padded for complete comfort.

Voodoo Touch comes with special folding chair, custom made Voodoo doll, blindfold, handkerchief, instructions, and custom travel bag.

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