Master of Illusions Entertainment

Peter Loughran


Master of illusions Entertainment is owned and operated by Peter Loughran in Southern Ontario Canada, and he has been in business of building and creating magic effects and illusions for over 3 decades.

Peter first found himself performing for birthday parties at the tender age of twelve, for fifty to seventy-five dollars a show. "For a twelve year old, fifty dollars was good money", Loughran grins slyly, perhaps remembering his young thoughts of knowing that his dream would flourish into something more than a one-man, low-budget performance.

And flourish he has, Professional Choreographer at 'Theatre Dance Academy', and former Toronto Argonaut's Cheerleader, Barbara Szabunia hired fifteen year old Loughran as a two-minute magic inset in one of her choreographed dance numbers in her Las Vegas style show that toured several parts of North America. After much acquired experience, and new contacts, Loughran then hired Szabunia and her dancers to perform in his newly established stage show.

Born on May 13th 1974, Peter' continued to take his career to new heights and made a living performing his large scale illusion show across Canada and other parts of the world

He has performed his illusions on such television shows as 'Breakfast Television', 'Eye on Toronto', 'Star Performance', and a few other Toronto based programs. These appearances had definitely equipped Loughran with enough exposure to be hired to perform for celebrity parties, and to quickly become a signature performer in the Toronto corporate sector.

But Loughran's fame and talents didn't end there. Because of a helping hand from Szubania, Loughran was hired as part of 'The Living Legends' Show. This was a stage show performed by Star Impersonators, which include Madonna, Michael Jackson, Prince, and most recently David Copperfield. "They bought me a Copperfield style wig, and said I'd be perfect for the part. However I performed the segment as a tribute rather than an impersonation", Loughran says pointing to an autographed photo of the original Copperfield hanging on his wall. It's amazing how things turn out. The show toured Canada, and the Legends' Performers appeared on such national television programs as 'Good Morning LA', The Dini Petty Show, 'A Current Affair', 'Shirley', and 'The Miss Canada Pageant'.

To reach such heights, one must be very talented, and an accomplished actor. Well, this mystical man is definitely both. He used to be a part of A.C.T.R.A., which is an elite actor's union, of which to become a member, one must acquire six credits by way of speaking roles on camera. This is not an easy feat, I tell you. Loughran in the decade of the 90's had big and small roles in such shows and movies as 'Class of 96' (TV), 'The Truth' (Movie), 'Family Passions' (Soap), 'Road to Avonlea' (TV), 'Missing Treasures' (TV), 'Catwalk' (TV), and several others.

Peter then moved on from acting, to pursue his magic full-time, and has since performed his spectacular illusion show for television, venues and companies in several countries around the world including the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, and even Turkey.

Peter's fame is growing all the time, and he has appeared worldwide in newspapers, magazines, television, and is continually being recognized by fellow practitioners in the art for his incredible originality and his amazing new illusions that he invents.

Peter continues to release new effects to the magic community selling and building his illusions to magicians all over the world, including Criss Angel, The Clairvoyants, Paul Kozak, Derek Sellinger, Luis DeMatos, Dynamo, Lawrence Khong and Darren Brown to name a few. Peter even teamed up with world renowned magician and magic inventor: the late Fantasio, and released Peter's Ultimate Dancing, Flaming cane, which has been said to be one of the most beautiful visual magic effects seen on the stage. Peter has created some of the best selling magic effects on the market today, including levitations, stage illusions, and close up magic. 

As of 2019 Peter has created over 100 original illusions and magic effects and even wrote his first book on the subject in 2009, entitled "Creation", and is now a leading renowned magic inventor for professionals and amateurs alike all over the world.

In addition, Peter is also a partner in the "Tenyo Elite" line of effects ( ) which is a company that has been given exclusive manufacturing rights to reproduce magic tricks created by the legendary Japanese company "Tenyo" but in a high end version specifically aimed at magic collectors and professional performing applications.

In 2010, Peter was given the opportunity to re-embark in his acting career and won the part in a thriller/horror movie called "Plaster Rock"( ) produced by Global Universal Pictures Inc( ).

Peter plays the part of the evil antagonist magician "Roger Cormier" who terrorizes and takes revenge upon a group of young people in a remote hunting camp through magic and illusion. Plaster Rock was released in 2010.

In 2017 Peter teamed up with Shawn Larocque and started their own Pyro Show company called L&L Fireworks (  ) specializing in producing Pyromusical shows for both public and private  events.

Although quite confident in his accomplishments, He doesn't ask for much. "As long as I can perform my shows, and build my magic, as well as make people happy, then I feel that I am successful.", he says with a confident gleam in his eye. So, picking up my scrapbook, and then thanking Mr. Loughran for his time, and the interview, I required on more probing question to be answered. "So come on, tell me...." I prompted, "How exactly do you levitate a woman, or even vanish a motorcycle?" "Well", he started, "can you keep a secret?" "Yes I can!" I said, and he responded: "Well so can I."