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Terms of sale


As we're sure you know, when you purchase one of our (or anyone else's) magic effects, you are not only buying the prop, gimmick and/or instructions, but you are also purchasing the SECRET of how that effect is done along with the Performance Rights to that particular effect. The true value of any magic trick is the SECRET and Performance Rights. Therefore, once that secret is learned, you cannot return the item as you would another type of product. This is not only our policy, but the policy of most other magic suppliers as well. We want to be fair to everyone who purchases our effects, so for that reason all sales are FINAL and we do not accept returns.

That being said, in the unlikely event that you receive an item that is defective due to our manufacturing process, within 30 days of the purchase date, we will gladly repair or replace the item or materials only, no refund requests will be accepted. Please keep in mind that general wear and tear or abuse is not covered under these conditions.

Master of Illusions Entertainment believes in the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. We feel that it is not only a good business practice, but we simply like to treat others as we would want to be treated ourselves! However, as a customer, it is important to know your skill level and your magic act, objectives and goals when acquiring magic props. Whether it is strictly to feed your hobby or an addition to a professional act, the purchase of every trick and effect must be carefully thought out. For these reasons, we kindly ask that you consider your purchases carefully. Thank you for your understanding.

And above all, thank you so much for your business! We know you possibly had other choices from other companies and suppliers to spend your hard-earned money at, and we sincerely thank you for choosing Master of Illusions Entertainment.

Ordering illusions or products built on order


We ship worldwide! 

If you want to order a large illusion or a product that is built to order, then Please send us an email to masterofillusionsca@yahoo.ca regarding the illusion you are interested in having built and we will confirm your order request and supply you with some shipping quotes as well as a turn-around construction time for the Illusion.

 We can then discuss payment options at that time.


Please note that some illusions and props have optional 

ATA Flight cases (like the ones pictured in the above photo) available for purchase at an extra cost. In some cases if the prop is small enough we can ship it without the case if you choose that you do not want a case. 

However some illusions or props may require the ATA case to be purchased if the illusion is being shipped and not picked up from our location.

Also note that adding an optional ATA case will increase the size and weight of the shipment and may increase the shipping quotes.  We will need to know if you want any applicable or optional ATA cases with your order and this will affect the shipping quote prices.

 *Please note, that the purchasing customer shall be responsible for their own customs and brokerage fees, and all duty or import taxes respective to their own country or destination.


We generally ship Express to Canada (approximately 2-3 business days), Expedited to United States (a

We generally ship smaller packages Express to Canada (approximately 2-3 business days), Expedited to United States (approximately 6-12 business days), and we generally ship Air for international orders (approximately 2-4 weeks)., however some exceptions apply to certain products.

Please note that the shipping times are approximations only, and also note that only business days are counted and this doesn't include weekends, or Canadian/Destination holidays.

Once you have placed your order with us, you will receive an order confirmation email, and we ship as mentioned above according to your location to give you the best shipping value for your money. After you receive your confirmation email, you will have the opportunity to purchase faster shipping if you wish to do so, however please note that extra shipping fees will apply.

In the unlikely event your order doesn't arrive in the estimated time of delivery, please do not contact us for any tracking information or the whereabouts of your order until it has been a full 30 days from the time of your order if you are in Canada or the United States. 

For international orders please wait a full 45 days before contacting us. We cannot start an investigation or put a trace on your package if it is lost or damaged with the Postal Company until the above times have past.

*Please note, that the purchasing customer shall be responsible for their own customs and brokerage fees, and all duty or import taxes respective to their own country or destination.


Shipping Quotes

When shopping in our store you will notice some items are marked with  1 cent shipping and will state that a shipping quote is needed to place the order. Send us an email to masterofillusionsca@yahoo.ca with your full mailing address and we can get you a shipping quote on the item(s) you would like to order. You do not need to add these to your shopping cart, but you can if you like, and you will only be charged for 1 cent shipping on checkout, but we will send you an invoice through PayPal afterwards so you can pay for the balance owing on shipping costs once you have selected your preferred level of shipping service after we have provided you with the quote(s). 

 Any products that require a shipping quote or are built to order can be ordered through us by sending an email to masterofillusionsca@yahoo.ca. We will provide you with a shipping quote and send you an invoice through PayPal for you to pay to complete the transaction.

Bundled Shipping

If you are ordering a single item that doesn't require a shipping quote, you can go ahead and check out normally and you will be charged a flat fee for shipping (See delivery times based on your location in the shipping section above). 

If you would like to order more than one product you can go ahead and check out, however a flat rate shipping fee will be charged for each item. If we can ship all of your items bundled together, for less money, we will simply re-fund you the difference, if there is any. 

Your other option is to send us an email to masterofillusionsca@yahoo.ca with a list of the items you want to order, and we will obtain a shipping quote for you for all the items bundled together in one package and bill you separately.